Sunday, December 7, 2008

It's beginning to look alot like...


Sunday afternoon we finally put our decorations up! This is so unlike me, usually Nov 1st my stuff is all up, but with Kadyn's blessing/Thanksgiving/Disneyland... and another child compared to last year, I've been delaying. So since we're late, only 3 trees this year.




My fabulously talented sis-in-law Rose made these stockings for our family. I can't begin to think of the time and energy she spent on these- I love them all. I can't choose which ones to put up so we're only a family of 5 (6 including Maggs) but I put up all 8. I love them Rosie, thanks so much.

Kacey was napping after church while we were doing all this. Matthew went to get her and brought her down, her face was priceless. Astonmishment mixed with awe at the bright lights, as she ran down the hallway she goes "It's a MisMis Tree... it's a MisMis Tree... hi MisMis Tree!"


So he guilted me into a late St. Nicholas Day present (Carolina sweatshirt),

I'll be sure not to forget you next year dear :)


Kaylan said...

Hey you did it! Way to go! I only put a few things up this year b/c of the headache of putting them all away after the baby comes! I love that you have a new song on your playlist! Love the Muse song! Well, I love that part of the movie when they are playing baseball. Too cool!

Mikki said...

I love that you do three trees. Your decorations look beautiful. Love your mantel (is that a mantel?), and all the stockings. So cute. Some day, when I have a bigger house, I will take much pleasure in torturing my husband with more than one tree. hehe
BTW I guess I'm your new VT! When are good times for Wendy and I to come by?