Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sunday Morning Pictures

We decided, Matthew decided, we should change it up... standing instead of sitting
Daddy and the girls... today was brown day. The next few Sundays will be Christmas dresses, we have a few :) I love this dress on her, she'll be wearing it alot because they grow so fast at this age. I'll be heartbroken when it's too small.

Love that little face


Saturday night we celebrated St. Nicholas Day~ it's an old German tradition where young children put out their shoes and if they've been good they get small goodies... and if they've been bad, they get nothing... kinda a hint as to what it's looking like for Christmas. Anyways, here are our pictures from that:



Matthew was less than thrilled with me... last night we put out the girls' shoes, he snuck his in there sometime between last night and this morning... he got nothing, I didn't plan for him too. I keep reminding him that it's not all about him anymore :) He keeps guilting me that "this is the first year since we've been married that he's not gotten anything." It's a rough life.


Sarah Ricker said...

Hey Nicole--darling family photos today! And what a cute tradition with the shoes. Sorry Matthew missed out on his treats.

And sorry for not letting you know when we were in Vegas. Our schedule was up in the air until the last minute.

(I tried sending you an email, but I didn't have your right email address at the time.)

thepainterfamily said...

What great pictures! (you look fabulous!) and I love all the Christmas decor! If "only 3 trees" is taking it easy, I can't imagine the FULL BLOWN boyd Christmas! :) hehe! you're the best!

Kaylan said...

Okay I need to start shopping for my clothes at Kohl's! You have the cutest outfits! I will have to go when everything is on sale for winter! Let me know the best times to shop so I can run over and check it out! Everyone looks fabulous! As usual!

The Foulgers said...

What a cute tradition! Your house looks beautiful! I can't believe you do 3 trees. That is amazing, I have a hard time getting 1 up!

dadTB said...

Hey Matt and Nicole,

I'm assuming that Nicole got something in her shoe. :-)

We love the babe's pic with that huge smile on her face. The kids are so cute!

We just love this time of year. Aunt Julie and I always love walking the mall in Park City or going into Lancaster on Saturdays to shop and walk through the Central Market. The holiday season always brings brass ensembles and singers to the market to entertain the patrons.

We had Zach out yesterday shopping for clothing and shoes. He's so hard to shop for because he never, ever tells us what he wants. That has never been a problem for your other two cousins, Tom and Chris. They always have a 101 ideas of what Santa and Mrs. Claus can bring them.

Zach's clothes will get good use when he starts college in January, 2009.

We love the pictures. Keep them coming!

Love to you all,
Aunt Julie and Uncle Tom

Mikki said...

I always forget about St. Nicholas Day until after it's passed. When I was 5, 6, and 7 we celebrated it, because we lived in Germany. When we moved back to the states, we stopped celebrating it, but I love it. Maybe I'll remember next year to introduce it as a tradition.

Sheri said...

I heard of the shoe thing last year and was wanting to do it this year. Guess I missed that one. I am not sure what day it falls on.Maybe next year. My kids would love that. I was told they set a old pair of shoes out and get a new pair with goodies.