Monday, July 20, 2009

Happy Anniversary to...

- a man who knows me through and through
- a man who can always make me laugh
- a man who can handle an outspoken, always right/never ever wrong wife
- a man who supports me fully when I set my mind to something
- a man who gets completely giddy as he scrubs in as I'm about to deliver another baby girl :) and who I know could undoubtedly handle the delivery without my doctor there... I would trust him fully! (no home births for me though, I need the drugs!)
- a man who works full-time to support my clothing and shoe obssession
- a man who runs with the dog every morning so she's better behaved for me during the day
- a man who knows when to challenge me but knows when to back down and give me my way... not many men know how to do that in an appropriate balance! It's never 50/50.
- a man who knows me well enough to bring me home the small tolietries and little ketchups and mustards from his hotel stays from his business trips
- a man who's reading the Twilight series because I love it and so we can talk about it
- a man who knows that when we go to the movies, it's always my choice
- a man who gains the baby weight with me :)
- a man who never asks what I weigh (hehe, those 2 go hand in hand)
- a man who always tries to empty the dishwasher as a surprise because he knows how much I hate it!
- a man who forever has a female (of any age: 5, 2, 10 months, or me) telling him what to do, what to wear, what to eat, all the things he can and can't do.
- a man who for 7 years has wanted my side of the bed, but has never gotten it :P

Happy Anniversary to the only man I know that can handle ME as a wife, and 3 little me's running around the house!!!!
I love you :) And thank you for all you do for our family.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday Afternoon Pictures

Did you notice the lighter color wall in the background?! We've been busy little bees. I really think it makes the room look brighter! Matthew's been doing all my painting (all over the house), it's been fun... for me, since I just sit and await the end result. It hurts my wrist when I start, so it's easier for him just to do it :)
My sweet little sailors!This is our chaos of morning time before church. Matthew decided to document it for us I guess. Everyone's dressed, hair's done, toe nails are all freshly painted (the cholorine in the pool takes it off pretty fast so the girls are forever bugging me to repaint their toes)...
**Notice my grout--- on my hands and knees again scrubbing for hours with a toothbrush. Sadly, I think this is going to be an every year event. At least this year it's done. See I don't paint, but I scrub grout.And here we are quickly trying to get some hot chicken parm- fresh from the oven- down everyone's little mouths. I love a food that all my girls will gladly open their mouths really big for. (example: Kylie!) Kadyn's in the back in her high chair finishing her lunch- she also had chicken parm fresh from the food processor. Kacey looks dazed :) What is that face?! It's so funny, I couldn't crop her out... and yes, Matthew's walking around taking pictures of us all as we're pressed for time trying to run out the door.