Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Addendum to K3 is a Big Girl Now

K4 is crawling, as in up on her knees and is fully mobile to any and everything on the ground.  If it were K1, yes there would be a picture.  But it's not the first child, so at least it's noted and documented in our family history!  Love you Kloey Belle!

K3 is a Big Girl Now!

Kadyn is potty-trained.  How exciting, how wonderful, how great!  She has been my easiest child to potty-train!  i just decided last week when her diaper wasn't on right, and her pee went all down her leg... and she didn't like it.... that we should start.  So on came the panties and she's done great!!!  Mind you, the first accident was in my pantry (GASP, if you've seen my pantry.... it's a little slice of heaven) and I thought I'd cleaned it all because she said it was by the door.  Well, I have 2 doors in my pantry. So 15 minutes later, barefeet and all I found the big puddle accident.  But who cares, she's potty-trained and I only have 1 in diapers!!!  Wahooooooo!  (although I do travel with a little potty in the back of my SUV, but whatever... life is good!)