Saturday, December 15, 2007

a bunch...

So we had our Ward Christmas Pary last night~~ super fun (great job Kata!)... Feliz Navidad! We had yummy enchiladas, salsas, and churros. The kids put on a Nativity skit, and Kylie got to be a shepard. Then, Santa came to visit... Kylie ran, so no pictures of that. Although the other kids looked very happy to see him! :)

She did a pretty good, "CHEESE!"

This is from a bit ago. December 5th is St. Nicholas Day, and it's German tradition to put out a shoe before you go to bed that night. If you're good, you get something... if not, you know to shape up before Christmas.

This is our before picture...

And this is our after picture...

The wagon is really cool~ we go to the mailbox in it. It has a door, drink holders, a cubby space for storage, and seatbelts (thank heavens~ because one of them sits and one pulls, and it can be a bad thing waiting to happen)

Matthew surprised me while I was running errands. He left work and I guess was thinking I was home, but I wasn't. So he left them on the counter for me as a fun surprise. (Now the obvious question~which his dad even said~ "what did you do wrong?" And his response, "he was just being a wonderful husband and buying me flowers.")