Saturday, May 29, 2010

Our New Addition...

Meet Pearl!
Yeah, so it's a car... Kloey's coming in a few more weeks :)
2010 Chevy Traverse, 8 passenger... fully loaded, getting the dvd sytem installed this week!!!
The girls love it... this is them (after baths, hence the hair) taking their first drive over to Yaya and Papa's house to show off our new addition.  Camera phone, so it's kinda blurry.
We spent 7 hours at the dealership.  Wheeled and dealed, got them down to the price I wanted... then "OH YEAH, we can't go home w/o a dvd system in it... the girls will freak out!!!"  Hehe, the poor sales guy... back and forth, back and forth... finally we came to something we agreed on :)  Actually the price was at where Matthew and I agreed was the good monthly price prior to us even going in the dealership... THEN WE BUST OUT MY AUNT'S GM FAMILY DISCOUNT!  Niiiiiiiiiice, we made the sales guy drop the F*bomb twice.  0% interest, $0 down.  That's the way we do it!