Friday, July 9, 2010


And Kadyn is better.  Stomach bug is completely gone, Kylie I think caught it next... but it was just a loss of appetite and a stomach ache for a few days.  Kadyn has resumed normal life, eating like a COW all the time.  I think she's scarred for life that we won't feed her.  At every meal, her meal plate is the biggest.  And ironically, Kacey's in the next largest and Kylie's is the smallest.  Go figure.  If I don't do it that way, we play musical plates and Kadyn ends up with everything anyways!

On that note, another little scare... but everything is fine before I start.  I found a lump in Kadyn's arm.  She woke up from her nap, and I was rocking her and rubbing her arm and I felt this thing!  It freaked me out to say the least.  Large, hard lump in her arm.  No bruise for me to make any sense out of it... other than cancer (remember, I'm pregnant here and hormones are right on the surface.)  I called and got an appointment with my DR within 20 minutes, drove like a mad woman.  He said it was attached to the bone, drove like a mad woman again to get immediate x-rays right before they closed for the night.   Luckily Matthew met me there straight from work, because again I'm a pregnant woman I couldn't go in with her to get them!!!  Spent the night worrying and imaging the worst, chemo treatments, losing her precious hair (which I realized quickly meant nothing to me)  We must have touched that lump 50 times in 8 hours... examining it with our non-medical brains (fyi- don't google something like this, it only makes you freak out more).  My wonderful DR who I really just love, called me by 9 am the next morning with the radiology report.... fatty deposit.  My child, who's in the 5th percentile for her weight, must collect all her fat into a marble on her left humerus bone... because there's certainly no fat anywhere else.  Not cancerous, no bone tumor... just a fatty deposit.

I really can't handle anymore drama!  (which I hope I didn't just invite more to come)