Saturday, December 13, 2008

Saturday & Friday

Wow it is getting cold here and it's so windy!
We have a 50% chance of snow for the next few days, it's not snowed since we've been here. I've heard 2003 brought some snow, we'll see what happens! All I know is I'm freezing!
We had our Ward Christmas Party today, which was lots of fun. Kylie did the sweetest thing, I should save it for my Thankful Thursday, but I can't wait. We went through the line to get the yummy breakfast. Well right after when we sat down, they put out doughnuts. So (as sneaky adults) we encouraged Kylie to go get us some. Children can cut in line, adults can't and we already waited in the line for quite a bit. So she goes over, she's there for a while. Comes back with a plate in each hand. Bless her heart- she said that there weren't any doughnuts left so she got 2 plates, put like a grape and cantalope piece on one plate and a little bit of strawberry filling on another plate.... small little portions, like a little spoonfull. Sweetest gesture as she gave it to Matthew and I. We ate it very thankfully for her efforts.

Kacey wanted to sit on Santa's lap, never really made it on his lap... wouldn't even look at him. But she stood in line because she really wanted to see him and get the little gift of bubbles.

Kylie was scared, wouldn't go near him.

This was a picture from Friday, too cute, we were on our way to Sam's Club...our Friday usual. I just love these vests!

We'll keep you posted on if we get snow!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thankful Thursday

1. Kadyn has reached her giggly stage. I love to hear and see her giggle... it's the cutest thing! It almost sounds like a normal person's hiccup and she does a bunch at a time, her smile is as big as can be... really adorable.
2. I was in a rush the other night trying to get all 3 girls (well 4 including me) out the door. As I was hurrying to get Kacey's coat on, she smiled and looked into my eyes and said, "Mommy I love you."
3. The Salvation Army people stand outside of Wal-Mart ringing the bell for donations, and everytime we walk out of the store the girls give something. The lady-who probably knows us by now- lets Kylie ring the bell, and Kylie rung it and said thank you and told her to hold on so she could give it to her sister to ring also. So cute, she really always looks out for her sister. Thank goodness she'll be in school when Kacey goes to Kindergarten (I know, long time off) because it gives me peace of mind.
4. Date Night Saturday- I love the anticipation to something fun. My sweet husband (who is a closet "vampire/werewolf saga" fan, that's okay dear I'm a Redskins fan by marriage... you can be a Twilight fan by marriage) is taking me to see my movie yet again -- don't ask how many times I've seen it. Super excited about dinner and a movie date night!

*this next one is just random and (sadly) really exciting!
5. I got gas for $1.68, filled up the van for $25. Now it's been a while since it's been that cheap... that's awesome! (for all of you who are going to tell me gas is cheaper where you live, I know I know. Las Vegas does a tourist tax of about $.25 a gallon, too bad all the locals have to pay the tourist tax also. It's the price we pay to live in the city that never sleeps :) but we have no state tax so I can't complain)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sunday Morning Pictures

We decided, Matthew decided, we should change it up... standing instead of sitting
Daddy and the girls... today was brown day. The next few Sundays will be Christmas dresses, we have a few :) I love this dress on her, she'll be wearing it alot because they grow so fast at this age. I'll be heartbroken when it's too small.

Love that little face


Saturday night we celebrated St. Nicholas Day~ it's an old German tradition where young children put out their shoes and if they've been good they get small goodies... and if they've been bad, they get nothing... kinda a hint as to what it's looking like for Christmas. Anyways, here are our pictures from that:



Matthew was less than thrilled with me... last night we put out the girls' shoes, he snuck his in there sometime between last night and this morning... he got nothing, I didn't plan for him too. I keep reminding him that it's not all about him anymore :) He keeps guilting me that "this is the first year since we've been married that he's not gotten anything." It's a rough life.

It's beginning to look alot like...


Sunday afternoon we finally put our decorations up! This is so unlike me, usually Nov 1st my stuff is all up, but with Kadyn's blessing/Thanksgiving/Disneyland... and another child compared to last year, I've been delaying. So since we're late, only 3 trees this year.




My fabulously talented sis-in-law Rose made these stockings for our family. I can't begin to think of the time and energy she spent on these- I love them all. I can't choose which ones to put up so we're only a family of 5 (6 including Maggs) but I put up all 8. I love them Rosie, thanks so much.

Kacey was napping after church while we were doing all this. Matthew went to get her and brought her down, her face was priceless. Astonmishment mixed with awe at the bright lights, as she ran down the hallway she goes "It's a MisMis Tree... it's a MisMis Tree... hi MisMis Tree!"


So he guilted me into a late St. Nicholas Day present (Carolina sweatshirt),

I'll be sure not to forget you next year dear :)