Thursday, June 19, 2008

S O C C E R ! ! !

We had a busy morning. I dropped Kylie off for her hour of kiddie kollege (Today they colored, cut, glued catapiller food to a picture- I guess they read a book about it.... Yesterday -since I'm sure you're all on the edge of your seats- was Cooking Day and they made and ate pancakes. Kylie put whipped cream and sprinkles on hers). So this morning, I dropped Kylie off, ran to the grocery store with Kacey, ran home to unload, ran back to pick Kylie up with a packed lunch and bottled water...

I was so happy that Matthew was able to escape work for soccer! Kylie was really excited to see her Daddy after her class, and it makes her realize that what she's doing is important and that she's special to have her Daddy there watching her too. I'm really grateful, that despite the hassles of Matthew's day, he always does stuff like that to be involved. So right after class, Kylie quickly changed with me in the bathrooms to her soccer stuff, and (we had 15 minutes) the girls ate their packed sandwiches. And in the gym we went for SOCCER!

The pictures all came out blurry, go figure since there was a lot of running. But to start, here's a video of Kylie running around and kicking into the goal.

The teacher was really nice... she gave Kacey a little ball to play around with, because (regardless of what yummy snacks I had for her) she quickly realized that what all the kids were doing was much more fun!The funniest thing happened, I WISH we got it on video. The kids were all done, the teacher pulled them in a huddle in the middle of the gym, and said 3-2-1- SOCCER right as the buzzer on the clock went off. During this time, Kacey was being all big and brave walking into the middle of the gym (I guess to join the huddle) then she heard the buzzer.... poor thing, you could see her face and seconds later came the horrific scream and alligator tears... it was really cute! :)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Busy Little Bees

This summer I have the girls enrolled in a whole bunch of various activities. I figure with summer break for Preschool, Kylie would be climbing the walls in boredom if I didn't have a plan. And there's only so much to do in the Vegas 110+ summer, much less being in my last trimester my energy is lacking. That and we're putting a pool in the backyard, it's only a matter of time before the digging starts and the noise is going to drive me crazy!!!!! So today was the first day of all the fun!
This is Kylie's first class of "Kreative Kiddie Kollege"- it's for 1 hour, 3 days a week. Every week they focus on a different theme and do different crafts and sing songs. The teacher is really nice, Ms. Jackie. Kylie was such a good girl. I went to peek on her when it was almost over and another mom asked which kid was mine. I pointed Kylie out, and she said to me... "Oh, she's really good. She was the first one done with her project!" This mom was actually chastising her daughter through the window because she was struggling cutting with scissors, as were quite a few other children... not my Kylie and she's one of the younger ones in the class (yes, I'm a proud Momma!)
I was peeking in from a little window so it's blurry.

The next 6 weeks are SO crazy for the girls, but I'm really excited about it. Kylie's got her creative class 3 days a week. Then she's also in soccer once a week, more pictures Thursday. And then swim lessons start in about 2 weeks, which will be 3 days a week also.
Since Kacey's younger, she has less going on... And while Kylie was at her class, Kacey started gymnastics. It's a Mommy & Me class, I was the only pregnant Mommy... it was quite a workout!

She was amazing on the balance beam. I was holding her hand for my sake, not for hers.


Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day Daddy...
Poor guy, he had a church meeting this morning~ didn't realize it until 30 minutes prior. He ran up to shower, I made cinnamon buns for him that weren't ready by the time he left. When he got home, I was running late so he had to get the girls ready and he took pictures this morning. By the time we got home from church, his cinnamon buns were still waiting but by this time there were only 2 left :) ~grabby tall 4 year old, who generously shares with her short little sister, a pregnant wife, you do the math.

We went shopping yesterday to buy him SOMETHING special, anything he wanted really. We'd been out of town all week, I had nothing for him (other than the random things we bought this week in San Diego). We shopped for 2.5 hours at the Outlets and Meadows Mall, without children. The fruits of our labors??? Two Pretzels and a Coke. The whole mall at his fingers and we're happy with Pretzel Time. So today was any old Sunday to him, I can't even make him brownies because I don't have any eggs from being out of town all week!!! I guess he wins the award for making my Mother's Day better than I made his Father's Day. But the great thing about him, he really doesn't mind at all :) What a good guy!!!! He'll be happy if the Lakers win tonight, that's all he asks for :)

My tan little babies!!! Kacey's actually peeling a little around her nose, it looks like she has freckles :) Look at those curls around her ears, I refuse to cut them... the top is bound to grow in!!!

This little girly cracks me up. They sang at church today for the Daddies. She's been excited about it, singing me the song for nearly 3 weeks now. So they announce for the Primary to come up for a "special musical number." Kylie goes up as fast as her little legs will take her, without running. She stands up straight, gets her front row spot, folds her arms ready to sing, and puts a big smile on her face and was as proud as she could be of herself!!!

This was what we found when we went to bed last night. When I peeked in on her, she was still awake sitting up like this... Maybe she was talking to Shamu who's on the ground there on the left, I don't know.... (notice the blankets to ease a fall in case she jumps out again) Anyways, I guess she eventually dozed off.