Thursday, May 1, 2008

"See Me"

"See Me" is the name of the book Kylie's reading in Preschool. It's shocking and I'm in awe, probably because she's the first child and I've never experienced this before but I just keep thinking to myself, my child's reading, my child's reading!!! (Which I think is awesome, because she doesn't even go to kindergarten this September, she goes next year!!!!!!!!) These little books are like 12 pages long and each book introduces new words/simple sentences and builds on the words learned from previous books. She gets confused with am and me, but today she really impressed me with no mistakes. I just can't believe it!!! She knows if she reads it to Daddy tonight, with no mistakes, she gets a Starburst... he can't come home soon enough! :)

(Mrs. Tate is the best Preschool teacher ever!!!)