Saturday, May 16, 2009

You learn something new everyday

*Quick Soccer Game Update*
We survived the hot sun and heat of a noon game... the big highlight was I learned something about myself today that I really didn't know before.
Kylie was goalie for a little while. She must have blocked 6 goals in that quarter! She was really awesome, we were so proud of her! At this one point (all you moms that were there, know) this punk of a kid on the other team kept kicking the ball, it just wouldn't go in because Kylie kept blocking him... every time, she kept blocking him. But it was too close for comfort for me; this kid was overly aggressive. I'm not crazy, he intentionally pushed some of our players. Matthew (who was right in the thick of it) said there should be a rule that they can stop it because with 5 year olds and their "coordination," it could be dangerous. (This was all a matter of like 5 seconds by the way.)
So this little brat of a boy let out a grunt (Matthew said, being on the field) and kicked hard as anything in frustration... totally whacked Kylie's hand. She was squatting, so we were lucky he didn't kick her in the face. I was outraged to say the least! I mean... come on, they're 5. That's ridiculous. It was all I could do to not go and smack this little boy and then go over and knock the living daylights out of his mother! I probably would have if Kylie wasn't running over to me with a puffy, red hand. (I'm Italian, my blood boils very quickly. Mess with my kid, and I'm going after you. And you're lucky if it's me, because if it's my dad... then it's really going to be ugly.)
Yeah, so I learned a little something about myself today. Maybe this isn't a sport we should pursue. After all she's only 5. It can only get worse.
(PS- the ball didn't even go in, she blocked it even while getting kicked)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sunday Afternoon Pictures

Mother's Day, Pretty in Pink