Monday, July 2, 2007

Many Posts of Vacation Pictures

Us on the Merry-Go-Round.

Us, with Uncle Bryan and Aunt Rosanne.

More of Dutch Wonderland

While Kylie was doing this....

Kacey was sound asleep in Uncle Aaron's arms.

More Pictures...

Some from the beach...
Kacey was wiped out!
When Kylie saw Grandpa's riding mower, she was in heaven!
We were all sitting in the family room when Matthew and Kylie came riding past the window waving... it was too cute!
another from the beach... Grandma and Kacey decided to go test out the water.


Kylie had a lot of fun on all the rides... she even loved the tram car on the Boardwalk. This is her with Grandma and Grandpa (Matthew's parents). -I don't think they knew I was taking a picture of them :) Kylie now repeats the saying, "watch the tram car please." It doesn't get old or anything like that... yeah! :)

Pretty Baby Kacey

She really has more hair than it lets on in these photos... maybe I'm a mother in denial :) But to me, she doesn't seem that bald. It must be the lighting (wink, wink).

Enjoying the Rides

Kylie on a kiddie water ride. There was a little hill in it where she got splashed... which is why she's covering her face.

Visit with Oma

The girls with Oma. Kylie and Kacey are her only great grandchildren, so far.

(Oma is German for Grandmother, she's my grandmother for those of you who don't know)