Sunday, October 30, 2011

Some from Cabo

So we just got back from our trip to Cabo... boy was it an experience?!?  Many things happened that we did not expect.  I may do a few posts, these are just from the camera phones.  I still have the big camera and the underwater camera to pull from...
This is 5 am in the Las Vegas airport, eating Cinnabon!  How tired do I look?!?  haha
Our feet in Cabo, clever picture idea from Matthew.  We had amazing views, the pool was a never-ending pool that extended to the view of the ocean.  Really neat.

My crazy good picture taking abilities for this picture.  The waves in Mexico were incredibly powerful.  Matthew would play in the water for 15 minutes and be absolutely exhausted!  Huge waves!!!

The view from our hotel room! 

 This is us the last night we were there at Matthew's Formal Awards Banquet.  I cleaned up pretty nicely, can you tell I spent the night before puking?!?  Yeah, that's a story... and not a pleasant one.
More to come on details... the trip was amazing, fabulous views of scenary that we've only seen in pictures.  Truly spectacular.  Cheap trip too, everything including my meals, pina coladas by the pool, and expenses were all covered by his company.  They spent 1.2 million dollars on this event.  Honestly, my filet mignon was still moo-ing... but I didn't eat it anyways because of MONTEZUMA'S REVENGE.  We were given a Snorkel Cruise, but we didn't get to go because there was no way in this world I was going to be able to go on a rocky boat with my tummy.... but the day prior, Matthew did get some major golfing in (all of course, free of charge including unlimited bar (gatorade for him of course), lunch, and club rentals).  He took pictures, he couldn't believe the views.  No wonder the round of golf was $350 a person.

My favorite part was the haggling.  I thoroughly enjoyed finding little gifts for the girls and bartering my way to a good deal.  I worked it down from $45 to $10, one lady got really annoyed at me when she saw I had a $20 (after I haggled 3 bracelets down to $11, and I wanted change from her).  It was super fun.  At one time on the beach, I had 4 Mexicans all around me trying to get me to buy their specific goods.  Matthew could barely make room to get in around me, it was super fun :)  Bartering is definitely something I was made for!  And I got my peso to dollar ratio DOWN!  lol

It was a fabulous adventure for us, however I realized about 30 minutes after unpacking in the hotel that I made a huge mistake.  Leaving my girls was complete torture, and I did not like being away.  Regardless of how incredible Los Cabos was, leaving them is just not something I can do... or ever will do again, anytime soon.  I cried alot the first 2 days.  In fact, as he came in the door from golfing all morning, he said he was actually worried that I might have found a flight and gone home.  If I was talented enough, I may have been able to do it.  But Mexico and the telephone is not an easy combination, I couldn't even figure out how to work my calling cards.  And the last 2 days, I was vomitting, on the toliet, nauseated or asleep...  I was a great "PLUS 1" for Matthew.  HAHA!  At least I made it through his formal dinner :)

AND on top of all that, Yaya was dealing with both Kylie and Kacey throwing up while we were away... sickness not related to mine, I don't think.  The entire time in Los Cabos, I never sweated..??? Everyone was dripping with sweat from the heat and humidity.  I did not, at all.  Matthew suggested, and I think he was right, that I got sick from dehydration.... but I'm still blaming the Caesar dressing and all that it brought up with it...

-more to come later, Matthew got a lot of underwater pictures!  Did I mention that we had US National Security there because of "activity" around, of course the night before we were supposed to leave... yeah, so glad to be on American soil.