Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter

Kacey began the morning with baby cereal and apples, a wonderful way to wake up! You can see she is such a doll, has such a sweet personality.
She has this smile where she crinkles her nose and cheeses it big time. All you see are these little gums... this is the start of that smile. It's precious.
Kylie knew the Easter Bunny was downstairs hiding Easter Eggs, hence the gate to keep her in her bedroom... but smart little thing was trying to get out to see him! She ended up getting stuck. :)

We have limited scenary in our house right now :) The house is pretty much packed, other than beds (which are on the ground) and a few other items. We've moved our stuff into PODS and we officially move out on Sunday, into a rental until we find a permanent home. I keep telling Matthew that he better be ready, this time I'm finding the home of my dreams! More to come on that...