Friday, October 31, 2008

*Weekly Round-Up*

1. Happy Halloween!!!

This year Matthew got himself decked out for work (thank you Steve for letting him borrow it). The girls watched him put the makeup on so they didn't freak out only seeing the end result, Maggie on the other hand was a little freaked. (it might be obvious to you, but maybe it's not. He's the Joker... the funniest part about it is that it's not a traditional "store-bought" costume, Steve bought this jacket from DI)

So this was my first year dressing up too. My friend had the costume and when she saw my girls as Cinderella last week at the Trunk or Treat, she offered me hers too since she was pregnant and not going to wear it this year. So here I am, I'm taking this whole matching thing to all new levels :)

2. Pumpkin Patch!!! Every year we go to the same pumpkin patch right before Halloween and have so much fun...

I have a picture like this (down) from 2 years ago when we went... only it was Kacey in the car seat/stroller. I can't believe how time flies...

Okay, this tells you the difference b/w a Mom and a Dad. This was the cutest little ride, it spins around. It was too small for Daddy to hop in also, so it was just the big girls. This picture is before the ride started and Kacey just thought they were to sit there looking pretty.Then it starts and you can see the terror on Kacey's face. Matthew's laughing hysterically as the girls are spinning around, Kacey can hardly speak in horror as she's spinning and I'm nearly in tears fighting every urge to pounce vampire style (yes i said it!) onto the machine to get my kid out.
Year after year, they love this big thing. Kylie passed Matthew about a dozen times going up and down, this was the first year she could do all the climbing on her own. Last year, Matthew still had to help and it nearly killed him holding 2 munchkins climbing up that thing again and again and again.


continuing on with other random happenings of the week...

3. Kacey and I were trying to wake Matthew up one morning, Kylie and Kadyn were still asleep as it was before 7 am. Kacey said, "Wake up Daddy." He didn't wake up, she looked at me and says, "Daddy sleeping." She went back over to him and very sternly said, "You're in big trouble Daddy!"

4. The girls were playing in the Play Land at Burger King (we're creatures of habit)... Kylie loves playing with everyone and if she notices someone left out or slow she'll specifically invite them to play along. This one time, she was climbing up and she goes to the other girls, "Vamanos!" -I don't even know if I'm spelling that correctly. One of the other girls, in shock was like : "she knows Spanish?!!" Yeah, I was in shock too.

5. HUGE HIGHLIGHT of the week: I got my movie ticket for Twilight via fandango, I'm SOOOO excited! Team Edward!

6. I found this little masterpiece this afternoon, courtesy of my 2nd born. However, she was alseep. I must've missed it earlier. I figured I had 3 options: #1. wake her up, explain her mistake and make her clean it #2 ignore it and wait until she woke up and then make her clean it or #3 clean it myself asap, worry about the "lesson" she needed to learn later. What do you think I did? Yeah, I cleaned it... I couldn't let my innocent railing sit while being penetrated with the blue crayon. Of course I couldn't find the magic eraser, but my little tile baking soda/water mixture worked nicely.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Preschool Halloween Party & Thankful Thursday

Today the preschool kids had a Halloween party and put on a little singing program for the parents.
It was super cute, they sang a few songs about pumpkins, ghosts and witches. They had hand motions and counting and all that good stuff. It was adorable! Kylie was Ariel from the Little Mermaid :) --(She'll be Cinderella again tomorrow night; that's the good thing with girls, they love to play dress up so all our princess costumes get good use)

She did a really good job remembering the words and doing the hand motions!

Kylie and her teacher Mrs. Tate, who's all decked out and really made it fun for the kiddos.


NOW, for Thankful Thursday:

1. Happy Children~ those moments where all is calm, everyone is happy and playing nice, i love those moments!

2. Kadyn hugs~ when I pick her up and she's on my chest/shoulder, she lifts her arms up as if holding onto me too. It's her own version of a hug, I don't know if it's intentional or a natural response type thing or if it's just comfortable for her but I LOVE IT!

3. Baby swings~ it buys me a little time.

4. Kacey, right after she comes out of the tub, loves to be wrapped in her towel with the hood right over her eyes and tightly snuggled (this is before the jammie competition). I love doing the snuggle time, she literally falls into my lap and she closes her eyes and we rock back and forth.

5. Today is a very special day, I met my hot hubby 9 years ago today at a church dance. He was DJing, and he was mighty fine with his freshly blond tipped stylin' hair. I'm thankful that he and I just happened to meet there 9 years ago!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday Morning Pictures

You knew it was bound to come, 15-20-30 years down the road I can look back and say that I definitely had fun with my girls... (either that or this marks the time that I've officially gone off the deep end)

Matching Outfits... including ME!

Orange dresses with a white shirt underneath and denim jackets...
everyone (except Kadyn) in brown shoes.
Kadyn's was a little big on her, but it was for the cause... we're all festive in orange for Halloween. Daddy's tie was orange and blue~ we try to keep him in the loop so he doesn't feel left out.