Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Updates and Pancake Breakfast

This past Saturday was Kylie's school's Pancake Breakfast w/Santa.  I had to be there at 7 am for PTA so Matthew was left with all 4 girls and getting them ready himself.  He did a really good job, they were there and dressed nicely- promptly when the activity started!  (And he did hair, which is impressive.)
Me, my girls, and my money box! :)
The girls had a nice time.  It's always such a fun activity, and I look forward to it every year.  I usually have to spend all my time at the door handling all the money, so it ends up being something fun the girls do with Daddy... and they come over every now and again to say hi to me :)
Individual pictures taken with Santa... taken with the cell phone so they are a little blurry.
Kadyn was not so thrilled!
UPDATES: Kloey's most recent ultrasound show that her kidneys were getting smaller, more closer to the normal size.  She is showing ZERO sign/symptoms for any future problems.  We're quite hopeful, and it's very likely, that the excess fluid in her kidneys will diminish and work it's way to normal as she grows up.  We just have routine ultrasounds to make sure all is well.
Kylie was sick right after our Disneyland trip.  The first day back to school, the nurse's office called and said she'd thrown up.  She continued to vomit all day; we went to the dr and got the magic meds and she recovered VERY quickly.... Kylie's first grade picture... she's adorable!!!  Love that little thing!  And she got her first report card... STRAIGHT A's!!!!!!!!!
ME, been a whirlwind.  Found a lump on a place that a woman doesn't want to find a lump.  I went to the dermatologist- freaked everyone around me out.  I go from normal to freak out mode in less than 2 seconds.  Let's face it... I can't die of breast cancer, Matthew can do the girls' hair... but that's about it!  The girls would eat him alive- 4 little hurricanes we call them!  Lol.  And my mom for that matter.  BUT the doctor removed the lump and the results came back just fine.  Done, over. 
Disneyland pictures to be posted after I get the Christmas cards done!!!  Pictures to be taken this weekend, fingers crossed I get them in the mail next week!