Friday, June 27, 2008

June 27

Anyone else in shock that July is around the corner? What happened to June? However, I still feel like I have forever until this pregnancy is over... go figure that one. I had a doctor appointment today, he said he'd induce me a week early (whooopie, sense the sarcasm). He did another ultrasound, merely for convenience to check the heartbeat, still a girl :) Always good to have more confirmations... the nursery's already painted pink.
Here are just some cute pics of the girls before our daily outings. Kacey's arm is just fine, I'm taking the other night as a "warning" to always keep an eye on her. I forget that she's not as old and (for lack of a better word) coordinated as Kylie because she's only 21 months... not 4 yrs old like her big sister so she can't have the freedom like Kylie. So I consider it a blessing, and I'm keeping a watchful eye out.

I love seeing the two of them together, the bond they have is amazing. Don't get me wrong, they fight like the best of them... each holding their own regardless of age, strength, and size (we raise strong females in this house! My poor husband always has a female bossing him around in some way or another) But the girls really are so loving to each other. They fit so perfect together, I love how they compliment each other in their personalities and roles as big and little sister. Super cute... not sure how baby girl #3 will fit into the dynamic, I hope no one is odd ball out. More time to worry about that later. I'll just enjoy this for now.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


I don't know what happened... we took the ace bandage off at about 9:45 last night, worrying maybe it was too tight, etc etc. She slept with us all nigh,t and the arm didn't seem a problem... she was able to roll around and kick Matthew just as normal. :) She woke up 100% herself- not favoring the arm at all- doing everything as normal. She's got complete rotation in her wrist, I've tried it a few times... doesn't bother her one bit.

I don't know if last night she did something, and it gave her a twinge of pain so she got scared... but I know it really hurt because she wouldn't move it and wouldn't let me touch it. And when she did move it slightly, she'd cry. Now, this morning it's all better. (?)

Well, I don't understand... but I don't need too. She's better, that's all that matters!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Are You Kidding Me??!?!

Kacey. My dear sweet Kacey.

This is what we hear about an hour and a half ago:

(Kylie): "I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry."

(Kacey crying): Kacey walking over to us holding her arm, HER SAME BAD ARM AT THE SAME SPOT... "Kylie did it. Kylie did it. Couch. Kylie."

Yeah, so I'm blogging about it to keep from losing my mind. It's hurt again. I held her for an hour and the smallest movement would make her wince. I'll take her in tomorrow, hopefully the Ped Ortho will take me without a doctor referral considering we were just there a month ago getting the stupid cast off. I'm thinking the less different waiting rooms I have to sit in, the better. But seriously what do I say... I have no idea what happened. Kylie's told me 3 different stories, and all I get from Kacey is "Kylie did it."
We wrapped it with an ace bandage- stabilizing her wrist so she can't twist it, and since then she hasn't cried once from the pain. So hopefully she (and I) will get a decent night's sleep. More tomorrow. (If I have to tolerate another cast, for another 4 weeks, giving a toddler only sponge baths when she desperately wants to play in the tub with her sister... ugh, seriously.... are you kidding me???!??!)

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Our usual Sunday morning pictures, I figure if everyone's nicely dressed we might as well document the occasion! We thought we'd change it up a bit and do a picture outside. Can you tell we had some spare time this morning?

Kylie said the cutest thing on Friday morning. The girls were sitting around the table while I was getting their bagels ready. Matthew went around and did his kisses goodbye. Kylie said, "Where are you going Dad?" And he answered, "To work." Kylie, "Oh, why are you going to work?" He looked over at me and smiled, "So your mom can buy new clothes." Kylie said after some thought, "Yeah, we like to go shopping." Hehe... it was funny, at least he knows why he has to work! :)