Monday, June 4, 2012


Could it really be the end of the school year? I don't believe it!?! So June brings us all our end of the year programs and graduations... can't believe next year I will have 2 kids in school all day long. I can't believe next year, I'll have a 3rd and 1st grader!
Kadyn graduated from her first year of preschool with Mrs. Tate. This was my 5th preschool graduation, I loved it don't get me wrong...but I've heard all these songs TOO many times. HAHAHA

But Kadyn, she was the first of my girls to be such a ham.
The other girls were usually shy, especially at their 1st year graduation... not Kadyn :)

 Mrs. Tate said that Kadyn is a big helper, she's the preschool police man... 
always making sure everyone else is obeying the rules!  hahaha
Then we had Kacey's kindergarten program.  The kids put on a show and sang songs, and each child was asked to dress up like the profession they wanted to be.  And they all had a speaking part.
 My sweet child, she wanted to be a doctor.  It made me so proud.  
(sidenote: There was a group of girls; they stood at the microphone, they said that they wanted to be models.  It was cute, a bit cheesy, but after a moment it broke my heart.  They are 5, and physical appearance is already of top importance.  Kacey didn't even know what a model was!  I was quite proud by that)  

 Kacey's part, which she memorized and brought the loudest applause for her clear pronounciation and maybe for the fact that she's just darling:
"I want to be a doctor and help sick people get well; to cure all the diseases that attack the human cells."
That's my girl :)

I love all my children equally, but (negates everything I just said) there's something special when it's your first child and first experience with something- that's how I felt at this assembly.  
I received a private note from Kylie's teacher requesting my attendance during school for an award ceremony.  Matthew was in Denver, heartbroken he was missing it (I'm grateful for his position and his job, so it was NO big deal at all!!! And I texted him minute to minute detail.)   Kacey (PM kindergarten) and I went, as a complete surprise to Kylie.  She had no clue we were there; she had no clue she was receiving an award (2 actually).
 Kylie's teacher, Ms. Gaura, and the principal, Mr. Hyberger.
 Kylie on stage!
She received an award for straight A honor roll for the year, and also she got the Citizenship award for outstanding behavior.  At this point, she still had no idea that Kacey and I were there!!!
When Kylie walked back to her class, we ended up walking over to her.  She was like a deer in the headlights; she had no clue.  It was great to surprise her like that and definitely a proud mommy moment for me.  Kylie has worked very hard this year; the hardest by far than she's had to work before.  I'm hard on her, I set the bar high.  She would bring home her weekly papers, and I wanted A's.  If I didn't see A's, we'd be sitting down and going through it.  (She'd never get things wrong because she didn't understand, she got things wrong because she'd fly through it to be the first one done)
Many times Matthew would say take it easy on her, because I push her.  I totally do.  And sometimes I'd listen to him and stop- trying to keep her life balanced, and sometimes I didn't listen and in that moment I'd keep pushing :)  She's very bright and I expect the very best from her because she is capable of it. (wow, I sound like my mom)  But it's true!!!  Wasted talent is the worst thing in the world, and I'm so proud of her for working so hard... and many times she'd be begrudgingly walking up the stairs onto another task that I'd given her, and she do it without complaining (just a little UGH look in her eye).  It's a neat thing to see joy and excitement in your child's eye because of their hard work.  It's odd, as a parent to young children, you spend so much time giving your children things... but in this instance, just with my simple guidance and persistence, she did this on her own!  She deserved this.  At this moment, she knew she was able to do anything she wanted... like the world became a little bit smaller, and she became a little bit bigger.  So proud of her diligence.  And in this moment, she was proud too.  Hard work pays off, and the easy way isn't the best way. Kylie had a wonderful 2nd grade year and I'm so very proud of all her hardwork and accomplishments.  Third grade is going to be AMAZING.

This is Kylie and Ms. Gaura.
Ms. Gaura has been such a great teacher for Kylie.  What I loved most about her is that she could size my child up very quickly.  Kylie's super bright, but if you ask for a few answers, she's only going to give you 2.  If you want more, you need to ask for it.  She's not going to go out of her way for something, unless she knows you are going to specifically want it.  I felt like Ms. Gaura gave Kylie that push, and while another teacher may say, "Yeah you are doing great" because Kylie totally was... especially by the standards of the rest of the 2nd grade class...  Ms. Gaura would go that extra mile with Kylie, because she knew Kylie was capable of more, to exceed what was required and do more.
Kylie's going to miss Ms. Gaura so much next year, and Kacey's crossing her fingers to get her in the 2nd grade too!  (me too!)
 Kylie with her good friend, Sadie, and Kacey as well.
Sadie holds a special place in my heart.
Kylie struggled as we moved and switched schools.  The first few months were hard, and she felt like she didn't have any friends.  Heartbreaking as a mom.  With our short little move, Kylie lost a handful of friends at school and church; friends that she'd had for as long as she could remember.  That coupled with the timing of her, noticing her own insecurities... coming into her own a bit and being sensitive.  You may recall a facebook post where I mentioned that we were desparately trying to win the Nacho Party for Kylie's class; and we won it by bringing in the most receipts from a grocery store.

Anyways, Sadie stepped up as a great friend when Kylie felt alone.  Sadie, from an all girl family- her being the youngest, branched out to Kylie and welcomed her into their little established friend group... seems simple, but it was a very big deal.  It was more than just including her in things.  She'd notice Kylie being a bit apprehensive and grab Kylie's hand and say "come on let's go and...." or she was that friend to cheer Kylie up if something at school got her sad.  I'd hear stories of something that happened at school, or she'd bring Kylie a present.  This girl was an answer to many of my prayers in so many ways... and she probably has no idea... just a sweet young girl, raised in a good family.  Anyways, I know Sadie was a huge support to Kylie and I'm grateful for that.  I hope my girls develop that same charity and compassion and can help others in a crucial time like Sadie did for Kylie.  No doubt that Sadie helped in Kylie's achievements this year.  .

Monday, April 9, 2012

Kylie's Baptism

Kylie was baptized!!!
It was such an amazing day :)  definitely a day Kylie will always remember.  We gave her a special necklace and memory book in the morning, I should have taken pictures of those!  We grabbed a pizza from our usual place, and we started the afternoon ready to go...

 Fabulously yummy, and HUGE cake
 Some pictures of the pretty girl


 Our big group!  Matthew's parents flew out as well as my dad's twin sister, Aunt Chiarina. 
 Our sweet little family, really love this one.
 Another quick one taken at the church after Kylie and Matthew got into their white clothes for the actual baptism.
It really was a special day, we had a huge party at our house afterwards.  So many people came, we had delicious food... people were inside, people were outside... Kylie spilled juice on her white dress (Yaya got it out), Mrs. Tate did an amazing talk on Confirmation and the Gift of the Holy Ghost, there was not a dry eye in the whole room... awesome day not only for Kylie to remember, but for her sisters to look forward to when it's their turn.  I can't believe I have an 8 year old!

Kylie's Birthday!

It's so funny how we can't wait to be older... when we're young.  And when we are old, well I dread each additional year I have to tack onto my age!

Kylie's Birthdays are always a huge big deal, not even just for her... her sisters are just as excited for her birthday as she is!
Her birthday was on a Sunday, so we did a little bit of celebrating on Saturday too... which the girls were all about!  Multiple celebration days :)  We took them to Flip N Out, to jump on the tramps and then we went to Chili's. 

But Sunday is when we actually did her little party at home!
 I made her cake, Kacey helped too... we worked together to make the lavendar frosting- which was a special recipe of frosting which I liked better so it was more fluffy than sugary and heavy. 
 Make a Wish!!!
 AND then comes the presents!  This little beauty, Wii Game Just Dance, has been a household fave!  Matthew can Shake His Groove Thing with the best of them... the girls play it constantly... great exercise!
 Now that's a FUN face :)
 And for the finale!  Her very own basketball hoop, adjustable as she grows...

 Matthew and I always sneak into the birthday girl's bedroom to do fun decorations when they wake up... in fact, Kylie mentioned it 3 or 4 times specifically so we wouldn't forget... not that we would!  The picture's a little rough and it's only a small glimpse into the room, but it was dark in there so it's the best we could do in fear she'd wake up and spoil it early :)

Monday, March 12, 2012

Hey wait... It's March?!?!?

Yeah so that's how I feel.
When did it become March?  Mid March for that matter??
Kylie's birthday is less than a week away.  The excitement is building.  She's doing the Talk in Primary also (her birthday is on a Sunday).  HAHA, we are in that Primary room nearly every Sunday... somehow someone in our family always has the talk!  We got asked yesterday if we just have a book of talks ready at home, because somehow it's always us.  Probably because my girls always volunteer; they love it... and we totally love sitting in to watch also.
So preparing for her birthday and baptism, I'm swarming with ideas.  Thank heavens for my laundry room, I have my continued project mounds all over.
 I did get my St Patricks' Day teacher gifts done a bit ahead of time, knowing it would be here all too soon... the note says: You are my Pot of Gold at the end of the Rainbow.  Super cute :)
 And my Pinterest addiction continues with organized drawers: under shirts and underwear.  I did the same thing with the socks and pajama drawers.
 AND we're gearing up for her big day!!!!
I made a special graphic to be put on her cake.  I'm making decorations, I'm so fortunate to have an amazingly talented friend who's completely taking over the food for me... On that note, FRIENDS.... I need your crockpots! :)
Homemade Cafe Rio, and she makes it sooooo good.  She usually caters our big Stake Relief Society activities with her yummy deliciousness.  I'm so excited, and so lucky that she's my friend! :)

 And, did I mention we were just in charge of the combined Young Mens/Young Womens last week.  Minute to Win It, it was awesome. 
 We have about 70 active youth... so it was a super crazy fun night!  There were huge preparations involved to get it to come together (thank heavens I have 3 beehive advisors), and at times I felt like I was herding cats with the youth... but it was awesome!   

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Fun Fun Fun

 From a few posts ago, I spoke of adorable yellow/grayish skirts and here they are.  The girls wore them to church this past Sunday, sooooooo cute!

I had to post this one, such little personalities with their hips shifted out to the side.  I can only imagine what they'll be like when they are teenagers.
 AND, moving right along to my recent projects and endeavors...
I LOVE pinterest; it's actually great motivation.  I force myself to do a few chores of the day before I get to embark on my new fun thing.

The Fridge!!!
Dollar Store bins and a method of organization, which I'm really proud of!

 Each bin is labelled with the stuff it contains.  Yes, I said labelled... it looks nice that way!  And I don't have to listen to Matthew ask 15 times, "where's the cheese?"  There's "Spreads" which is all the various cream cheeses, laughing cows, guacamole, veggie dip, honey butters, etc etc.  There's "Leftovers" which essentially is meals from the past 3 days prepackaged into small portions to serve as lunches for Kloey over the next few days.  Then there's "Sandwiches" and this one is genius.  When you want a sandwich, take the bin.  Instead of searching the whole fridge for every last sandwich choice, it's all there!  All luncheon meats and many cheeses... and in our house, we all have different preferences.  Then lastly, there's "Lunches" and this is so helpful too.  I keep all the quick snacks I always throw in lunches, Danimal Yogurt Smoothies or Go-Gurt, String Cheese, small packs of Mandrin Oranges (the only fruit Kylie eats), baby carrots in little ziplocks.  It is so funny how this brings me such joy!!! :)  hahaha
 I also have recently attacked our linen closet... well cabinets.  They were chaotic, sheets and towels everywhere.  Again, I got Dollar Store baskets and labelled them!
 A little more up close.  Baskets are labelled: wash cloths, hand towels, (then the bath towels are rolled.  And on the other side is: twin flat sheets, twin fitted sheets, pillow cases, and all things king.  Which makes it super convenient when you are changing munchkin sheets in the middle of the night!
And all this is less than a week!!!  Talk about motivation!  Although my laundry was piling up something awful! lol, but 6 people's oufits a day can mean overflowing laundry bins by day 3 of me not doing laundry.

One more fun and easy task that knocks my socks off........ lunch creativity!

Lunch Creativity

 So I organized my fridge and made it super easy for quick grabbing of stuff.  And this is so key with our lifestyle.  Our house is JUMPING with energy and with stuff going on.  There's a huge difference from last year to this year.  Everyone's got their own schedules and things they need and stuff going on... and we can't waste time searching for things (it also makes people whiny and draws me away from something else maybe more important at that very moment)... and everyone (on various levels) needs to be able to fiend (maybe bad word choice) but work it out for themself... or even be able to properly help a sibling.  Independence is a great thing.  And organization is our KEY, our answer to make our house run smoother... and keep my sanity.

There's one thing I have been dying to do: spice up Kylie's lunches.  I'm even bored by them!  She's such a picky eater; she only eats a few things and she only has 20 minutes to do it.  SO, (have I mentioned I hit the Dollar store??), lunch tupperware with a lid and RUBBER cupcake containers.  This makes me excited to make her lunch, then after I put the lid on it... I tie it with a ribbon and make a bow... like it's a present :)  Now we are talking... some lunchtime excitement!!!

Kylie's lunch: pepperoni, cashews, string cheese, mandrin oranges, yogurt smoothie, and a fruit chewy bar.... and a capri sun drink but it didn't fit in.  Lots of items in there, a few bites of everything and easy peasy to eat and enjoy in her little 20 minute lunch break..... and of course a love note from mom <3

Kadyn has play dates every Tuesday afternoon after Preschool and on the days the playdate is not at my house, she likes a packed lunch.  Who knows why?!?!  I think it comes down to she likes carrying it.  Kadyn likes more food types, I can be more creative with her: cashews, cheddar cheese slices, crackers, carrots, shaved turkey, and sliced strawberries.
NOW that just makes me happy! :)

Matthew laughs at me and my pinterest fun... little does he know, I'm going to be "pinterest-ify-ing" his lunch VERY soon! :)
I just need to find a tupperware big enough!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Yaya's Camaro!

On February 11th (my grandpa's birthday), at 8:15 pm... Yaya won a Camaro at Aliante Station Casino.  Ironically, Matthew and I were there on a date night (our movie theaters are all in casinos... Vegas lifestyle, lol)  and we had no idea until the following morning.  She had a choice of a handful of vehicles and colors or even straight up cash; she chose a RED CAMARO... of which, they added racing stripes.

That same day, they recorded her for a Stations commerical.  There's nothing more crazy than watching The Voice or laying in bed half asleep watching Food Network and SEEING YOUR MOM ON TV!!!  hahaha.. I got phone calls and random texts every day from people... "Did I just see your mom on TV?"... Yes, yes you did! 

What was awesome was one evening my mom was with the girls so I could go to my YW activity (Matthew was in Denver) and they were watching TV, and guess who came on TV?  Kloey gets so excited every time she watches it!!!  :) 

click the link:

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Fun latest things to keep me busy, as if I don't have enough already!

Pinterest is a dangerous thing!
I find all these cute ideas, yummy recipes, DIY projects and I can't think about anything else!

Sadly, we're over Gymboree.  Kylie's too big, well she's almost 8... but she looks so much older (she's to my shoulder).  So I've developed innovative new ways of matching (mainly for church... I've got a reputation I have to live up to now!)  This skirt coupled with a DownEast top is adorable.  I have another skirt, which I'll show soon... a little similar, kinda different... gray and yellow.
 This project I was really excited about.  Kadyn always, always comes into our bedroom in the middle of the night and says she has bad dreams.  I don't think she really has bad dreams, as much as she just wakes up and decides to roam around.  I always say, "go back to bed."  Well 9 out of 10 times, I find her in the morning anywhere but her bed: the floor of my room (I step on her getting out of bed, or in Kylie's little bed, or on Kloey's rocking chair, one time I found her on the floor in the living room cuddled up in the curtain behind the chair!!!) 

So that madness needs to end.  Here is her new spot:
 It's an actually her crib mattress, set on top of little wooden cubbies.  We stored books and toys all under there, and she has a little spot.  So she doesn't go to random places in the house, and so Kylie still gets a good night's rest.  But it doubles for a cool place for Kylie to read or two girls to lay and watch tv.  I was pretty proud of myself! :)  Did I mention that it barely cost me $20??!  just improvising with stuff we had and needing only a few things to make it work.