Sunday, January 3, 2010

Two Sundays Pictures

New Year, new church time... welcome 9 am church!  I gotta say, I like it.
Don't get me wrong, it's all "Hurry up.  I'm tired.  Get dressed.  I'm hungry.  You're in my way.  I'm tired.  Hurry up.  Get dressed.  Where are your shoes?  I 'm tired.  Hurry.  I'm hungry.  Brush your teeth.  Hurry.  Get DRESSED!!!!"  It's that from 7 am to 8:45 am, straight... but it's awesome.  Naptime is all systems go in the afternoon.  All 4 ladies with full tummies and sound asleep in their beds by 2 pm.  Right on!
Kacey became a Sunbeam today!  She was so excited to go where Kylie goes in the Primary room.  I can't believe it's her time now, we did this for the first time 2 years ago with Kylie.  Time goes by so fast.  Kacey was pretty proud of herself today that she's a Sunbeam, she's been saying it all day!  Kylie also got a new teacher today, she seems really happy in her class.  She's like that though, she'd be happy no matter what.  She's a good sport.

Last Sunday's Picture

And I've gotta say, I've got the life.  Just got called into Nursery, and released from my other 2 callings, and I don't think I could love Nursery more!  Nursery is so awesome, and I'm going to bask in my glory right now because I think I'll always look back and wish I was still in Nursery.  Because, as I said, Nursery is awesome!!!!  There's playtime and snacktime, I'm with Kadyn and it rocks!!! 


Christmas Eve yummies for Santa!  I know for a fact that he enjoyed them...
 And the girls also sprinkled reindeer dust in the front yard for the reindeer to see and come to our house FIRST!  Here's our Christmas tree after our visit, I love how the ornaments made there way to the top half of the tree.  (Thanks Kylie) Kadyn was a little too hands on.

Us at the top of the stairs waiting for Daddy to give us the go-ahead, that all cameras were ready.  We seriously were waiting for 10 minutes, which is eternity kid's time on Christmas morning.

Not too thrilled that I'm in the picture, but Kacey's face is priceless as she's heading to the tree and seeing it for the first time.

Opening the presents! 

The cleaning crew... love it!

Matthew and all his Wii glory!

I love the girls in the back of this picture, doing teamwork clean-up.  Good girls!

Games, games, and more games...

Thanks Uncle Aaron, it now sits beside her bed.

Kadyn was walking around with this big Christmas bag like a purse, it was cute!
I can hardly believe Christmas. Where did the time go?!?  My heart breaks that I have to send Kylie back to school tomorrow and we're back into our same old, same old routine.  Although we're starting ballet up again with a bunch of friends... so that's lots of fun!
Here's to a New Year and new things... as in a baby in August!