Thursday, July 24, 2008

Little Things

You know, I really get enjoyment out of the little things in life.... the simple things really make me happy. Example: I love it when everyone eats all their dinner, especially when it's something new or something they didn't eat the last time I made it. Today, salisbury steak with macaroni and gravy, and biscuits... girls ate their plates clean. Love it! Matthew, he's eating salad!!!! Salad-Aka "rabbit food" because I found a salad dressing he LOVES- Kraft Light Raspberry Vinaigrette. These things make me so happy... when I tucker the girls out from a fun filled day and they're happily going to bed... when my air conditioning bill is less than my car payment (love that one!)... when all the ironing's done... when the mailman brings my mail to the door because we have a package... and of course, my most obvious little enjoyment... matching clothes for my 2, nearly 3 daughters... SO the girls got a couple new bathing suits. Here they are modeling before we go out to renew our tan... (another one of my little things, I love those tan little babies of mine, and their cute white butts when they get in the tub... am I allowed to put a pic of that on a blog, too cute!)

Another thing that brings me joy, shopping around... we're getting estimates on the pool fence, first estimate $1200. Slightly outrageous for 12 feet of fence, when 5 of that 12 feet is a gate... shopping around playing companies against eachother, Matthew found the exact same fence for $480. Good job Dear! See, it's the little things :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

One Minute...

... we love eachother. (what is going on with Kacey's hair, it didn't look that frizzy in real life, must just be the pic) The next minute, we're mad. It's hard to keep up.

Summer is starting to slow down (ahhhhhh!), all of the girls' activities are coming to an end. It was very fun and I'd do it again, it kept us busy and happy.... but we'll take the month of August to play in our "nearly days away from being done" pool. Kacey and I had fun in gymnastics, but we're done with it. It was something nice to try, not something she loved. Kylie more enjoyed Kacey's class by sitting on the side watching and participating on her own. This is the last week for Kylie's creative class, Wednesday specifically is cooking and today she made breadsticks (actually fairly good). She also (a few weeks back) made an edible playduh with peanut butter and m&m's, which was really really yummy! But tomorrow's the last class, and soccer's over after tomorrow too. Although we're doing soccer again in August, and really looking forward to it.
Here's the progress on the pool. I eat my words, the spray on the decking really does keep the cement cool, it's much cooler than the other patio cement we have! They've rebuilt our fence and all we need now is the dark blue plaster on the inside of the pool and we're done!