Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Baby #3

And it's official, we have baby #3. We had our appointment yesterday, strong heartbeat. My due date is September 21st. So Kacey will have just turned 2 on September 5th... with a little luck, we will have her potty trained by this summer (fingers crossed!).

We took the girls to the appointment so they could hear the heartbeat and see the baby. Kacey didn't quite understand, but she was thrilled with the lollipop the nurse gave her. Kylie could not figure out why we were looking at a tv and not in my tummy. She goes, "no, the baby's in Mommy's tummy." She's been cute about it. She wants a girl, just ask her and she'll tell you. She looks through my belly button (like it's a port hole) and says that she can see the baby. And she'll try to tickle the baby by ticking my belly button.

Pregnancy checklist:

Cravings.... check! Nausea... UGH, double check! Tired all the time.... check! Looks like everything's right on target like my other pregnancies... too bad this was poor planning... I've already done the third trimester through the Las Vegas summer and it's terrible, what was I thinking to do it again!!!!! :)

And a little nervous about having three children. With two, Matthew and I can divide and conquer. With three, we're outnumbered... and let's face it, Kylie's getting smarter than us by the minute! And how do I cross the street with them? Three kids, all 4 years old and under... our house is going to be lots of fun!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Maggie Moo's

What am I going to do with you Goof!?!

So, we thought we were in the clear. She'd been seizure free for about 15 months, the doctor suggested we wean her off her medicine (which is damaging her liver). So everything was great, until about 9 am this morning.

She had one seizure, and thankfully I knew what I was doing. Not like last time where I freaked out and was frantic, which didn't help the situation at all. She shakes really bad, loses her vision, and can't move her body. It's hard to watch, but I talked her down from it. I was hoping we were done. Not 5 minutes later, she went into another one. So at that moment, I called my mom to come over... Matthew called the Vet to let them know I was on my way. Two more seizures later and we're finally in the car... 2 more seizures on the drive.... they knew it was me as I walked into the Vet and they hooked her up right then and there.
She'll need to be on Phenobaribital the rest of her life, one pill every 12 hours. It will eventually cause her to go into liver failure, but her brain won't survive the clusters of seizures if we don't do it. Catch 22. The doctor said he's seen dogs on the meds for 2-4 years before the liver gets too bad. There's really no other choices.
She might come home tonight, maybe tomorrow, the doctor wants to monitor her. Poor thing, this dog has been through it all!

Monday, January 28, 2008

My Cinderella

I'm really big into teaching Kylie age appropriate chores, for two reasons... one- she learns that a magic fairy doesn't effortlessly clean up after her (I'm still teaching my husband that one, but Kylie's a quick learner) and two- it makes my life a whole lot easier. But to be honest, she loves helping out. I don't even have to reward her with a lollipop or anything afterwards, she's so happy to be Mommy's little helper. Today, we mopped the tile which is a daunting task because about 75% of my first floor is tile.
We loaded the washing machine...
... for 3 separate loads of laundry. She can vacuum too.
And while she was doing her part, I was able to clean all the bathrooms.
I think the cleaning bug hit our house today. There's something really nice about knowing your kitchen sink is spotless and shiny!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

President Hinckley

I was at the fireside, when Matthew texted me saying that President Hinckley had passed away. My first thought was disbelief, but I realized my husband wouldn't have texted it if it wasn't true. Moments later, it was announced. The young women took it pretty hard, and I found myself with tears coming down my face. Like them, he's the only Prophet that I've known since being baptized a member of this church.

After the initial, "but it can't be..." thoughts. I thought of his wife's death almost 4 years ago and how wonderful for them to be together again. My husband and I were talking, and he said that's it's strange to know that the actual, most powerful man in the world had died. And sadly, many don't know of him... and that can parallel to the Savior also. Many don't know Him, and it is sad.

As with many others, the beloved President Hinckely will always hold a special place in my heart. Front page of the Las Vegas Review Journal, described his life as a testament to service and someone with a true love for others. I will always remember that moment, as I sat with the thousands, waiting for General Conference to begin. And the beautiful silence that overtook the room as he walked in. Everyone in amazement of the WONDERFUL man we were all in the presence of. He lifted his cane as if to wave hello. I'll miss his voice this coming April.

But, as we have record of the experiences of the pioneers... After the Prophet Joseph had been murdered, the Saints looked to Brigham Young. And they heard it, as if it were Joseph Smith's voice and words, coming out through Brigham Young. I look forward to this conference and feeling my testimony grow, similar to that of the pioneers, as I hear the words of guidance and love coming out of the mouth of our next Prophet.