Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Maggie Moo's

What am I going to do with you Goof!?!

So, we thought we were in the clear. She'd been seizure free for about 15 months, the doctor suggested we wean her off her medicine (which is damaging her liver). So everything was great, until about 9 am this morning.

She had one seizure, and thankfully I knew what I was doing. Not like last time where I freaked out and was frantic, which didn't help the situation at all. She shakes really bad, loses her vision, and can't move her body. It's hard to watch, but I talked her down from it. I was hoping we were done. Not 5 minutes later, she went into another one. So at that moment, I called my mom to come over... Matthew called the Vet to let them know I was on my way. Two more seizures later and we're finally in the car... 2 more seizures on the drive.... they knew it was me as I walked into the Vet and they hooked her up right then and there.
She'll need to be on Phenobaribital the rest of her life, one pill every 12 hours. It will eventually cause her to go into liver failure, but her brain won't survive the clusters of seizures if we don't do it. Catch 22. The doctor said he's seen dogs on the meds for 2-4 years before the liver gets too bad. There's really no other choices.
She might come home tonight, maybe tomorrow, the doctor wants to monitor her. Poor thing, this dog has been through it all!


starman said...

Poor Maggie. Your Uncle Jim has a big soft spot for animals. I had to put my Poco to sleep last March and the thought of it still brings tears to my eyes. When we were young, our Family had a Poodle named GiGi. She lived about 14 years, but... she, too had seizures. She would tremble and all her joints would lock-up. At such times, I would just hold her until the spell passed. Our pets are truly members of our Families and they bring such joy to our lives. I'll always have cats (at least 2, so they have companionship when I'm out)as they are not only cuddly and cute, but they are amazing athletes!! AND, they take care of themselves... no need to be walked - and one can be out of the house for several days and they're OK. But, I love ALL pets, dogs too. Living alone, it would be almost impossible to keep one - as I occasionally work long hours and it wouldn't be fair to a dog... which needs walked!
Meanwhile: congratulations on your new pregnancy!! It is a joy to watch my Grandnieces grow. You may want to consider downloading a song by The Band, called "All La Glory." It is a father singing about the "big day" his little daughter had, as she is being put to bed. I guarantee, it'll become one of your favorite songs!
Love, Uncle Jim

Adam & Samantha said...

Poor puppy! That must be really hard to watch her go through all of that!

dadTB said...

As you know, I have always had dogs throughout my life. I love animals and the companionship they offer.

I feel for you and poor Maggie.

We've had Jessie(F- Old English), Heidi (F- Doberman), Fluffy (F- Cocker Spaniel), Pup-Pup (F- Shitzu)_, Jewels (F- Golden Retriever), Max (M- Yellow Lab), and Sasha (F- Yellow Lab). GiGi ( F-Poodle, as Uncle Jim mentioned, was our childhood dog.

It has never been easy to say goodbye to any of them. God knows.

I hope Maggie can be with you for a very long time.

Aunt Julie and Uncle Tom

p.s. The baby pic is great! You will be great parents to all three.

jenjamin said...

oh! that is too sad. I am sorry to hear about your dog. It is so hard to seem them suffer! I know how much you have loved her too. Good luck with that, we'll hope for the best!

Kata said...

I am so sorry to hear that!