Friday, July 18, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Sunday is our 6th year anniversary, so we were planning on going out Saturday night... but that's the ward pool party... so we went out tonight instead. Oh the difficulties of finding a restaurant!!! Matthew was thinking the Eiffel Tower Restaurant or Top of the World, I'm thinking like Chili's- any meal w/o children means peace and quiet, I don't need fancy frills! Needless to say, I showed him the online menus of his places (which grossed him out, and I think it's a red flag when half of the menu's in French and I don't even understand what half the English words mean... we have simpler palates... pheasant and rabbitt, yuck!)) So we went to Red Lobster! So yummy!!! (Thank you Yaya for watching the girls, they played hide-n-seek and of course sang and danced to Leslie Gore songs... they were so tired and ready for bed by the time we got home.)

And it completely figures, yummy peaceful meal at Red Lobster without the girls and I totally miss them the whole time. We took this picture because Kylie loves looking at the lobsters. So this one's for her. Matthew was a bottomless pit, eating his plate clean: snow crab legs, shrimp scampi, lobster tail, and fried shrimp. Me, not so much... I went off my "watching sodium intake so I don't swell up in my 3rd trimester" for this meal and I'm completely feeling it in my ankles already. Oh, and we should have taken a picture of our dessert, molten chocolate chip cookie a la mode. Delicious, should have started the meal with dessert!

So, Happy Anniversary Dear... obviously our wedding picture is to the right...

Here's a photo from when Matthew and I were dating.

This picture was taken over 8 years ago in front of my Oma's house, it looks like me (to me) but it looks like I'm with Matthew's youngest brother, Aaron.

Fun things you may not not about us:

1. We met at a tri-stake dance, Matthew was home from his mission and thought I was about 15-- I was 18. He asked me for my phone number over a dozen times that night and I kept telling him I'd be sure to give it to him before I left. Really, I had my number written down on some paper in my pocket, I just liked to hear him keep asking!

2. We lived about 30 miles away from each other... he would drive to come and pick me up (30 miles) drive us back to his town (60 miles) because he knew his way around and we'd go to the movies/mall/etc, then he'd take me home (90 miles) then he'd drive back home (120 miles). He did this about 5 days a week, for a year.

3. While we were dating, I transferred to BYU, so he transferred his job (with ADT even back then) out to Utah to be with me.
4. I don't call him Matt, ever- some of you may have picked up on that. Not that it's not his name or that he doesn't like it, everyone else calls him Matt. In fact, it's weird to him when other people call him Matthew-- we figure they don't know us yet or they only know him through me talking about him and referring to him as Matthew. I only call him Matthew, always have. He's not Matt to me- he's Matthew, that's just the way it is.

5. He'd sooner work 4 jobs than have me work. Even prior to having kids, I've never had a real "job"... When I graduated from BYU, I decided to put my Economics degree to work and started interviewing with a company. Then went back for a 2nd interview, and a 3rd, and they wanted me to come back for a 4th on a conference call with someone from Colorado or something like that--- it was becoming ridiculous--- Matthew told me to go and tell them where they could shove it... which is probably why I've never worked. I don't think he likes the idea of someone having authority over me and telling me what to do.

6. He'd give me his last dollar if I wanted a Slurpee- or some other frivolous thing... which I'm not sure if it shows why I do the money or just how much he loves me :) we'll go with the love thing.

7. He always says he's sorry first, which works out nicely because I've never been wrong since we've been married.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

It's fine... I'm not jealous at all ;)

(A post dedicated to my husband)... today he caught a flight to LA for some sort of training (I don't pay attention), his alarm went off at 4 am, and by 7 am he'd called me saying that he was in the LA office. Early day for him to say the least!

So Dear, Kylie and I did something special for you given your rough day... you know the whirlwind mess of shoes all over our closet, well we organized them all during Kacey's nap!

I did mine first but quickly realized I needed to enlist help for your side. I just handed them to Kylie who matched the pairs all around the floor of our bedroom. We weren't finished at this point, there were still shoes in the closet (all yours, yes). Halfway through, Kylie said she was tired and was going to abandon me to do the job alone, I bribed her with a lollipop... all was well!

So, us girls did sandwiches for lunch and ate tv dinners while in our jammies for supper... how about you? Were your catered breakfasts and lunches good? :) How about Gordon Biersch for dinner, I bet that was super yummy too? It's fine... I'm not jealous at all, no pregnancy craving envy from me ;) I'm gonna have a yogurt in a little bit anyway, that'll do just fine :P

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Can I put water in it... now?

Oh we're coming along now, no longer is it a yucky hole... the estimated finish date on our contract is July 28. So that would be 13 days from now, but I'm ready to fill it up and hop in! This humidity (mind you it's like 24%) is killing me!!!
Since the last picture, they've plastered over the gunnite, added our tile trim around the top, leveled out the rocks, and given us a new backyard gate. We will also be putting in an additional fence back where the a/c units are so that I have double protection with the girls being outside. We'd be able to do a bigger pool if it was more centrally located in our backyard, but I refused because we wouldn't be able to completely block it off... and I'd spend my life worrying about where the girls are every second of the day! But I think this was the best way and is working out quite nicely :)
So 13 more days to add our "special dark blue" tile stuff to the inside/plaster part of the pool (that makes the pool look a deep blue), cement all around the pool and add a finishing spray that supposed to not get hot on your feet (I'll believe it when I see it), put our fence back up, oh and how can I forget... take more of our money! (hehe)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Doctor Appointments

The girls had their well-child checks on Friday morning. Kylie is in the 95th percentile for her height (figured that) and the 60th for her weight. Kacey is in the 50th percentile for her height and the 5th for her weight. And no I didn't forget another number, it's 5... now the kicker is, Kacey (on any given day, at any given meal) eats twice as much as Kylie! When I make the plates up for dinner, Matthew will put them on the table and give the girls the wrong plates. Kacey's plate always has more food, because she eats way more. Weird, huh??!
Kylie got 4 shots, and Kacey got only one. Kylie was such a champ, 2 in one arm and 2 in the other, the nurse really poked those big needles in her arm too, no gentleness about it. Kylie cried on the last shot, the nurse said it stings really bad (MMR) which is why she always does it last. Kacey cried with her shot, smart little cookie then continued to kick the nurse away... she couldn't even get the bandaid on her, I had to do it.
Kylie's having a little reaction to her shots, the MMR left a bruise...
The DTaP, just today, started itching and is very swollen and red and HOT, very very HOT. I've been putting cold compresses on it. I didn't realize how swollen it was until she got dressed and I could see how loose her dress sleeve was on her right arm but then how tight it was on her left. She's a tough little thing though.

To lift her spirits a bit, I did a French Manicure on her nails. And then put a sparkly nail polish on top (you can't see it well on the photo), but she's just beside herself in delight!!! Mind you, my nails are dull and boring, but my daughter's look great!!!! :)

Here are some Sunday morning pics, no family picture though... The Stake Presidency was here today so Matthew had meetings all morning and never made it back home... And I have no clue how to do the timer on the camera.