Saturday, October 1, 2011

Little Longhorn Cheer Camp

Legacy High School Cheerleaders put on a cheer camp for girls aged 3-12.  I heard about it last year, but I was a little concerned my girls were too young... and/or didn't know anyone.  Well, this time around a couple of the cheerleaders are my YW from church.  So I knew my girls were well taken care of :)
(Asia, Kenzee, Haylee, Tasia, with Kylie, Sydney, and Kacey)
 Kylie did a really good job.  She's so cute.  How do you get to be in the front of all 3 rows of girls... yeah, I know people ;) 
 Kylie with Kenzee, her cheer buddy for the day

 Kacey struting her stuff...

I was a little bummed, they didn't let the young girls do jumps.  Kacey has an amazing toe-touch, all of a sudden one day she just started doing them.  At first, she'd always land on her bumm.  But now, she can land on her feet.
 All the girls!
 Kadyn with Haylee, I didn't think Kadyn would stay there and do it.  I thought she'd be too young.... now I know just to leave her with Haylee and she'll be fine.

 Rolling up the mat
 A little girl from Kylie's class was actually there too, Makayla!
 This is what Daddy and Kloey did.
I couldn't stay at home while cheer camp was going on.  I had to go and be a part of it and take pictures.  So while Haylee had Kadyn, Daddy walked with Kloey all around the cafeteria.  I loved that he didn't just want to stay home, no he wanted to be there (even if it meant walking around with Kloey) so he could watch Kylie and Kacey cheer.

 At the end, they did a little performance for the parents.  And the girls are invited to cheer at next week's football game.  FUN FUN!!!
Matthew was getting the camera ready for the girls' performances, and the adults next to us were SO loud.  HAHA, Matthew was so irritated.  He's telling me, "I'm gonna tell them to shut up!!  Go talk elsewhere."  HAHAHA, now he understands.... And he'll be the Dad in the stands there not to watch the game, but watch his daughter cheer.
 I gotta say, I'm impressed with Kylie's form.  This is the 7-10 yr old group.  Kylie's 7, and she held her own.  She did GREAT!

We've kinda labelled Kylie as the athletic one and Kacey as the dancey coordinated one.  And I take all that back.  Even though Kylie's young, she may be my cheerleader.... and I would love that!!!!!!!