Tuesday, August 16, 2011


So Matthew travels often for his job, not so much lately but it goes in spurts.  One of the places he needs to go in October "for work" is a " dealer convention" in Los Cabos, Mexico.  AND, Matthew's boss specifically called him and told him to invite me to come along also.  Well, the stars must have all aligned... because somehow I'm going too!

The place we are staying...
I have heard it is the most beautiful place in the world.  I can see why!  Matthew will have the best time taking photographs, and I'm pretty excited to see what beauties we'll come home with.  Maybe some good enough to put on our walls at home!

During my free time, when Matthew has meetings... this is where I'll be!  Ideally, I'd love to head into town for local lunch and haggle at shops... but practically, it's not safe alone.  Matthew and I are flying in a day and a half earlier so we can shop and explore the area... I've heard haggle shopping is quite the old tradition there , and I'm quite good :)  I definitely have a list of things Matthew and I need to look at and things/gifts I want to bring back for people.

That part I think is going to be the most fun, our own adventures... seeing a different part of the world and admiring scenary that neither of us have ever seen.  It is going to be so much fun! Just the flight alone --without kids, how relaxing... I can't even begin to describe... we can do whatever we want on the plane without worrying what a child is going to need/want/freak out about next!!!  I just can't imagine packing my and Matthew's stuff only.  Not the girls' stuff.  I doubt we'll even fill 1 suitcase! HAHA. 
 Example of the room we will have!  I can't even imagine...
Matthew had to register us today, and I got to pick a leisure activity... all inclusive of course! (which is awesome)  There's golf, massage on the beach, massage at the spa, horseback riding (which sounds totally cool until I found out it was 5.5 hours long... big fat no on that one),  a kyaking/snorkling experience, or (what we chose) a snorkel cruise.  We travel on the Sea of Cortez for 3.5 hours on a double deck catamaran "sunride" and we get a full Mexican buffet lunch and free pina coladas (it actually says cocktails, but to me that means pina coladas- no rum, nice and sweet for me!!)  OH and we get to snorkel.  I may not do that, as I don't want any fish to touch me (don't laugh)  and if one does, I may freak out and breath the wrong way and inhale a whole bunch of water.... but I'm being motivated to get out of my comfort zone.  Definitely working on it so we will see.

I am really so lucky to be doing this.  Matthew and I had already talked about it and originally I said no.  But his boss called him and pretty much said for Matthew to talk me into it (as his wife was going also, as well as a few other wives) and everything is covered (other than my passport, pricey little devil)... all tips, food, transportation to and from the airport ($200 fyi, holy moley!!!).  But I always worry about my girls.  I don't leave them.  Unless I'm in the hospital having another one, I don't leave them.  I only get them for 18 years, they aren't little forever.... I have forever to go and see places, why now.  But my mom totally talked me into it.  My parents are thrilled to keep the girls for 5 days and 4 nights (as an only child, managing 4 can be challenging)... and it'll be ice cream for breakfast no doubt.  They think this is just too good for me to pass up, and they are right.  An opportunity like this is priceless, and I'm so lucky to have it and have them to support us while we are gone... taking care of our munchkins.  I worry about my girls, but then I realize all the crazy tendencies and overprotectiveness I have, is from my mother!!!  So I know my girls will be just fine.  AND another perk, my mom is just like me... well vice versa.  I know that I will come back to home in tip top shape just as I left it, completely clean, tidy rooms and picked up toys (if not more organized than I left it, because she's great like that) and she'll even do all the laundry... I know her... she's so awesome!  I'm so lucky!  My dad will probably buy the girls donuts every single morning.  So Matthew will probably come home to about 5 dozen leftover donuts.... which I'm sure he will not complain about!

I'm a little nervous as cell phone reception is sketchy there, and I'm not sure how much access I will have to email (as Matthew has the laptop but has some morning meetings)... but I could not be more excited.  The girls call it Mommy and Daddy's "Field Trip" and my parents talk about it everyday.  They are already planning out what they are going to do each day, as a few days there's no school... I don't think they could be more excited, even if they were going themselves.  Although, I think the next time this trip rolls around, they're hoping to come with... with the girls... We will see :)  We've already said that a trip like that is a unique experience we'd love to give the girls.  Memories they could have forever, and snorkeling is definitely up Kylie's alley!!

But for now, I need to find clothes... lots of "appropriate attire" for evening functions and my fancy church dresses just won't do.  Must.  Shop.