Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thankful Thursday

I have had an overwhelming response to my "Coupons to Troops" post. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I'm getting batches in the mail from people I don't even know... it's so wonderful to see people using their time and effort to show support and to help make the temporal needs of our soldiers' families more easily met. I've got families just getting the paper to clip the coupons and send them my way. How great! In my opinion, the annual pay that these military families get is not sufficient for their duty they dedicate to us and our country! So it's great and easy to help out.

Again, if you're interested.... get me your expireds!!! It's such a waste to throw them away! I ship to a naval base in Guam and an army base in Germany. The military families (well, mostly wives gives the feedback) are so appreciative. And it's nice for them to know that we care... even when it's a whole bunch of coupons!!!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Sunday Afternoon Pictures

Matching Gymboree Dresses!!!
(not me- them)

Originally, I had these dresses for Kylie and Kacey but thank you ebay! I was able to find a larger one for Kylie, and Kacey went up to Kylie's size and Kadyn got Kacey's!

A moment of silence for the shoes. Seriously, no lie... my favorite pair of shoes. I like them so much, they don't go on the ground with my other shoes. No No. These go up on the top shelf, away from the other shoes (or children wanting to walk around in my heels).

The girls went to their first baptism on Saturday. They were very excited. Kylie regularly talks about how the Daddy hold his hand here, and you hold your hand here... and dunk. In fact, she likes to pretend in the pool. So I was thrilled for her to be able to see one for the first time and even more fun, it being her friend Bryan who was getting baptized. (that and I secretly hope Kylie will marry Bryan- but that's another story) Kacey was also very attentive during the baptism.. to the point that I was afraid she was going to jump in... she was a little too close for me. I had to go up and grab her.