Saturday, May 10, 2008

Pre-Mother's Day

So we've had a fun day, I guess we've made it Mother's Day weekend... I'm certainly not going to complain. Last night, we had Yaya babysit and we went to see Made of Honor. Cute movie, a few things/words could have been left out, but cute chick flick. Matthew usually leaves a few minutes before 6 am to play tennis on Saturday mornings. He said that this morning he was also going to run into the office afterwards for a bit. BUT, little liar... he came back with a nice little surprise for me! It's from Edible Arrangements, I just love them. You can see in the front where we've eaten some already, I figured I needed to get a picture fast before it was all gone! The funny thing was, I wasn't expecting anything else. I already bought myself a few things from Pfaltzgraff and was quite happy. But he done good... ordered it early and everything :) Am I training him well or what!?!!

So then, one of my sweet friends Anna had a little photo shoot doing pics of Momma's and their kiddies. I'm so anxious to see her pictures of us! More of that later...

Then off for a Mother's Day celebration with my parents at Chili's. We ate so much, and we have a fridge full of leftovers! Life is good, and apparently the group is tired... I went around the house seeing what everyone is doing this afternoon.

Sound asleep, notice remote in hand.

*******Fyi: Still no home for Hunter, but I'm working on it. Keep him in mind if you hear of anyone interested in a great dog. I did, however, find another dog a family so I feel somewhat sucessful.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A Home for Hunter

Okay, desperate times call for desperate measures.
This is Hunter, not that it's his real name but it's what we call him. My parents found him Monday, he's at the shelter waiting the mandatory 72 hours for his owners to claim him... it's not looking good. If anyone is interested, call me. He's absolutely gorgeous, and if you know what traits purebred labs tend to have, (not that there's a way to technically prove it with him without papers) but he has those physical traits. He's big, and he listens very very well. So I'm on a mission to find a home for Hunter...

Monday, May 5, 2008

All About Kylie...

How cute is she??!!! And look at those blue eyes popping out... she got that from Daddy!
So this post is, as you can guess, all about Kylie. I have got to hand it to her, she's been so great lately. Do I dare say that she's out of the "terrible two's/worse three's" stage, and we're in four's happyland of listening and helping??? Well, I just won't say it too loud because she still is quite opinionated but I don't think that's due to her age, I think it's just her personality (NO CLUE who she got that from!).
And she's kinda been pushed aside lately. With Kacey falling off the slide and gauging her head open, then fracturing her wrist and getting a cast, and now with a teething/allergy/runny nose/fever in the 104's all Friday and weekend (as you can see below, Kacey just looks a little off)... Kylie's not been on the forefront of attention, and she's been really good about it. She's been running errands around the house for me, getting Kacey's medicine out, wiping Kacey's nose, taking off and putting on Kacey's shoes, etc... just listening really well. She's even been letting me curl her hair under in the mornings and she's not fighting me about washing her hands throughout the day. (my kid probably has cleaner hands than a doctor, although they're a little red from being so dry)

So today, I got her a little surprise for being such a good girl and happy little helper. A small silver necklace with heart charm and a purple K on it. She loves it, she was so happy. But she knows we only wear it to church and special occasions.... she thought it was the coolest thing to get a present for no reason, and as I was explaining to her why she was getting it and what a good girl she was, I could tell she wasn't paying one bit of attention to me and was just fixated on what I was hiding in my hands for her. :) Then Kacey pointed to her neck and said, "necklace" like where's mine... (yes, my 20-month old even points to things and says diamonds... Matthew wonders what I teach them during the day).