Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday Afternoon Pictures

Daddy got some cute pictures of the girls this morning. But then they were burnt out and family pictures were rough!

Keep scrolling, you will see... This was before I got to her... Matthew's unskilled in the bow department. Love those blue eyes!

Love my baby's curls. That's completely natural, just a little detangler spray!


Okay, so come join us in our little morning photo shoot...

Focus girls... Kacey, put down the milk. Kadyn, camera, look! Kylie, good girl... keep it up!

Everyone say, Tinkerbell. Kacey what are you looking at? Put the milk down.

Somebody take her milk, Kadyn look at the red light... not at Daddy.

And affirmative... we hid the milk.

Yup. That's it, we're done.