Friday, April 4, 2008

The Bearer of Good News

Did you guys know a Cafe Rio is opening by the Costco on Decatur?!?!!! It's right behind the Wells Fargo, I saw the sign today and was speechless!!! :) :) :)

My Baby!??!

I've come to expect the newfound independence from my 4 year old, and I love seeing her grow up... BUT FROM MY 19 MONTH OLD?!? For some reason, this actually hurts more than seeing Kylie grow into her new phases. (I guess it's a good thing Baby Girl #3 is on her way)

Kacey's been realizing that she can do more lately, and probably thinking that I hold her back... going upstairs all by herself, wanting to walk not be held, wanting to play in the playlands not just sit with Momma and eat and watch Kylie. Case and point yesterday- she's ready to run down the inclined driveway and I can just see her feet moving faster than her body and her busting her head open.... so I held her back. After fighting with me trying to pull away, she turns around and gives me this mean look (like how dare you!) smacks my hand and looks me straight in the face and says, "NO Mommy!"
This morning our newfound independence was, "I donwanna seat." She didn't want to go in her high chair seat, she wanted to eat like Kylie does at the table. Ugh, getting to the stages where I can no longer strap her in and contain her. Can't wait until I make speghetti for dinner, that should be pretty! So here's Little Miss eating her toast at the kitchen table. She actually ate really well and didn't get up until she was all done. Although I had Little Einstiens on in the background and they "pat pat pat their hands" so her little buttery hands got all over her legs as she was pat, pat, patting.
OH, I love that little one and her cheesing smiles.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Is it bedtime yet?

The worst time in our house is after dinner to before bed. For some reason, rules just don't matter anymore, nobody listens... toys are brought out into the halls for baseball/soccer chaos and Matthew and I are looking at eachother like, "they take after you."
Yesteday night was particularly bad. We had recorded a show from the night before and were trying to watch it. We set the girls up really nice in the toy room: Shrek, water bottles, and pretzels for a snack. But they kept leaving the toy room and running like little lions (with the accompanying growls) around our table in the family room. So we (Matthew got the bright idea) gated them up in the toy room. As you can see from all the tears, it wasn't effective or successful in any way and the gate stayed up to pretty much take pictures and capture the moment, because it was hilarious in person!!!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday Morning

This little girlie went to church...

AND, This little girlie stayed home...

I'm not sure if it's teething, at least that's what I thought it was at first. She's always putting something in the back of her mouth to chomp on. But she's also very stuffed up at night (we're running a cool water humidifier all night), nose running all day long, and it's all accompanied by a lovely cough. She's also a tad bit emotional, she's a cryer anyways, but lately it's been bad- she can dish it out, but she can't take it.... you look at her funny, and she'll cry for 15 minutes. So everyday we've had the water works, and I don't mean that with a lack of sensitivity. She's got tears streaming down her face, her nose is running down her mouth, and drool all down her chin- aka water works like you wouldn't believe!!! Needless to say, her and I stayed home from church, she just looks sick and I can't imagine her attempting Nursery today. And I'd prefer not standing in the hall for 3 hours trying to comfort her :)

I'm bound to get it if it is a cold. She's been sleeping in our bed in spurts throughout the past few nights, mainly because I'm a paranoid mother... her breathing is so labored at night that I'm worried and can't sleep. So her hot little breath in my face as we're propped up on the pillow for a few hours each night and her slimy leftover tissues makes for sweet little germies all over me... Oh, she also kicks Matthew in the head a few times at night while she sleeps with us (I crack up) I'm sure just to let him know that she knows he's there and she loves him. Fingers crossed I don't get this, I refuse to take meds (other than prenatals) while pregnant. Mainly so I can hold it over their heads and guilt them about it in 15 years or so. :)