Friday, November 14, 2008

*Weekly Round-Up*

1. Contrary to what Stephenie Meyer has convinced us, I don't want to be a vampire. I was holding Kacey and somehow, for some reason, she decided to bite me. AND it hurt!!! Big time. She bit me right on the inside, soft part of my arm, down near my elbow. I screamed, Matthew and Kylie came running. Kacey started crying from my loud scream. It bled and it hurt. I bet she won't do that again.

2. A source of contention in our house is our nightly jammie contest, seriously how this ended up being such a big thing I don't know. A few nights ago Kylie won (although still dripping wet, but her jammies were on so she won). Well, Matthew would not say she won- would not give her the satisfaction. He kept saying "no you didn't, you lost." And she was getting really upset. The two of them kept going back and forth. Kylie was as sour as can be. Finally I jumped in and told Matthew to tell the truth, she won fair and square. So he said, "Kylie you won." You should have seen her content little face, it was like night and day, completely bipolar. Super funny.

3. Success with the big girl's bed for Kacey, even naptime is good. She goes right down, it's really wonderful. With Kylie, we lost naptime when she transitioned into a big girl's bed. During Kacey's naptime, Kylie and I have been sweating it to workout videos in our family room. (I know, how 80's am I?) We move the coffee table and get jars of tomato sauce to use as our hand weights :)

4. Family pictures tomorrow for the Christmas card... hopefully my group can all smile and look nice for at least one photo. (Anna's got her work cut out for her!) Now, if I can only figure out what we are going to wear.

5. My aunt was here this week, we hadn't seen her in a few years. Her and my dad are twins, which always makes Matthew and I hold our breath until we have our first dr appt... some women can do it, I'm not one of them... twins would do me in. Anyways, we had fun seeing you Aunt Chiarina, the girls will miss you!!!

6. Kadyn's had her 2 month dr appt today, appropriately on her 2 month birthday. She's 10 lbs 2 oz and 21.5 inches long! Finally, we've passed the 10 pound mark! She got a whole bunch of shots today, poor girl... she was happy as anything staring at her Daddy, then Mr. Nurse started with the series of shots. She screamed her head off, poor baby. Hopefully we don't experience any side effects.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thankful Thursday

This week, I'm thankful for:

1. Daddy/Daughter/Daughter Date Night. Matthew and the big girls went out for the evening and while I really enjoyed my alone time (well, Kadyn was with me but one kid is a breeze) I LOVE their little faces as he loads them up in his car... both girls SOOO excited for what's to come!!!

2. Kadyn knows my smell. When she's skin on skin, like if her face is near my neck or her face is on my arm, she starts opening her mouth (probably like, "where is it? I'll get food somewhere here!") I just love it, I've never seen her do it to anyone else but me. She knows me :)

3. That little face Kadyn makes as I pull the shirt off her head, one of my other girls liked it too. I can't remember, I think Kylie. Just as the shirt is brushing over the eyes, over the top of the head, she makes this little happy face.

4. Anticipation. I feel like I have so much to look forward too, and I LOVE IT! I'll do a quick run down in chronlogical order: Twlight!!!!!!!, Thanksgiving, Early Morning Black Friday Shopping, Disneyland, Birthday, Christmas, New Years... fun fun fun. (did I mention Twilight!???!! I get so excited when I see commercials on TV)

5. That little bit of time where all the kids are asleep and I get to lie in bed doing nothing :) Of course, usually my husband's like "can you rub my neck? can you rub my back? my head hurts, can you rub my head?" :) hehe.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Weekend Pictures

This picture was taken prior to the incident. Let me share the "incident."
Kacey got tired of bowling (we were at Cosmic Night at Santa Fe, all dark with all the sparkling lights... etc) Matthew was bowling for his turn and Kacey's turn, he ended up getting like 6 strikes in a row b/w both his and Kacey's turn.
Aaron starts doing really good too, he's a good bowler but in his own words he's inconsistent. He had 5 strikes in a row, Matthew (in an effort to be funny) rolled a ball down when Aaron wasn't looking. It screwed up his score, Aaron was so angry he had to walk off. We all kinda thought it was funny, didn't really mean any harm. Poor Aaron, always getting ganged up on, always the butt of the baby of the family jokes. We love you Aaron, and yes Aaron was the first one ready early Thursday morning to drive from Utah to here... (if you remember that post last week).
Sweet baby :)
Wow, no kids... quick let's run for it!

Grandpa's Girls.

Kacey and Uncle Aaron..

I love her smile here.

Kadyn was just relaxing staring at all the lights for cosmic hour!

Getting ready for Kacey's turn to bowl...

Kylie and her Aunt Rosie... Kylie says that she's my sister, since all her uncles are Matthew's brothers... makes sense.

Kylie could handle it all on her own, although Kacey's score was higher because of Daddy's help. We didn't tell Kylie that... if you know her, you know why (she's just like her father!)

Big Hugs, this one's my favorite. The night before, everyone went to the strip and to ESPN Zone. Well, we stayed home and enjoyed ourselves at Kohls and then Grandma took us girls out for ice cream!!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Kadyn's Blessing

Today was Kadyn's special day :)
And she's also exactly 8 weeks old today...

She wore the same white dress as Kacey, as Kylie, and as me when I was 2 months old and baptized (for the first time in the Lutheran church)
The purpose of a blessing is to officially give her a name that she will be known as here on earth and on the records of the church and also to give her a blessing for her life endeavors. Another fun note: her middle name is the same as all her sisters. It's after my middle name, and my mom's, which was my mom's grandmother's name Elise -however for the girls, I've "Americanized" it by trying to spell it how it sounds in German, Elisa- pronunciation EEE Lisa.

Us with Grandma and Grandpa Boyd
The girls with Uncle Bryan and Aunt Rose Everyone outside of our church:
let's go from left to right...
My Aunt Chiarina -my dad's twin sister, My Mom, My Daddy, Me, Aaron, Matthew, Matthew's Dad, Matthew's Mom, Rosie, Bryan... and the girls- which is really cute they are each holding a grandmother's hand (totally not planned) A whole bunch of Boyds! I didn't know we had the Men in Black visiting (I couldn't resist!)
The FEAST !!!Uncle Bryan's first time holding Baby Kadyn

*** More pictures of this past weekend to come