Monday, February 18, 2008

Girl or Boy... Cast your vote!

*** If you voted yesterday (2-19) or early today (2-20), I screwed up my poll and had to redo it. So I lost 6 votes... if I lost yours, vote again please... sorry!!! ***

What do you think we will have? There's a poll to your right... cast your vote! Matthew's "happy with a boy or a girl, as long as it's healthy..." blah blah but let's face it, he'd be thrilled with a boy. I want another girl, 3 girls sound like heaven to me. This baby is due 2 weeks after Kacey's birthday, all her clothes would be perfect for baby #3. Then Kacey would be in Kylie's clothes, new baby in Kacey's clothes, and I still have 2 girls matching (which puts ALOT of clothes to good use). My theory is: the only thing better than having 2 girls, is having 3!

So cast your vote- We're finding out in 2 weeks, which I know is super early... but if you know me (I mean really know me... Heather Pope, I know you are cracking up right now) I am an impatient person to say the least! And if it is a boy, I need the extra shopping time. The nursery right now is Maggie's bedroom (our dog) so that needs to be overhauled big time. If it's a girl, I need to time to buy clothes in 3's.

Back to us finding out in 2 weeks. It's not a routine thing, your doctor has probably never mentioned it to you. It's not a precautionary thing, nothing's wrong with the baby. Matthew and I are choosing to take an elective blood test (elective meaning not covered by insurance). It's slightly contraversial because it's so accurate and people can find out the gender so early in the pregnancy, that unfortunately if they don't like the gender, they are still within the time frame to terminate the pregnancy- gender selection. It's such a horrible/disgusting thing, I can't even wrap my brain around that one and which is why doctors typically don't mention it. Obviously, we are doing it for the true intent of the testing... (I) we are incredibily impatient people, and the wait is unbearable! I just want to know, and I want to know now!!!!

The Science Behind It (I know you all are curious, and instead of answering you all in separate emails or on the phone)- In a natural process, fetal cells die and pass into the mother’s bloodstream. As these cells break down, fetal DNA is released into the mother’s own circulatory system. With the proper testing, the lab searches for the Y chromosome in 3 samples of the mother's blood. One sample is enough, but they test 3 times to verify it. If they find the Y chromosome, which apparently is very prevelant throughout the mother's blood, you guessed it... it's a boy. If not, it's a girl. It's 95% accurate... guaranteed to be right or money back with proof of birth certificate, and more accurate than the ultrasound done at 5 months.

SO WHAT THE HECK!!! We're doing it Monday, and it'll take a week to get the results. Take a guess at what the baby is... scroll back up and do the poll on the right.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunday Morning

I'd like to say that I have it together on Sunday morning with church now at 11 am rather than 9 am. But I really don't! I get lulled into the idea that "I have time" and before I know it, it's 10:45 am... and I'm thinking that the girls will be a cranky mess by the time we get home from church so any hope for pictures must be NOW!
Big day for Kylie... she said the opening prayer in Primary. She was so excited to get to use the microphone. So they started with song. Then announced that they'd sing one more song, and Kylie Boyd would give the opening prayer. So she stands up and walks over to the microphone. And the leaders, quietly said not yet after the song. You could see the confusion on her face, like... but I'm doing the prayer and we just sang a song so it's my turn. Matthew went over and whispered in her ear that she was to go up after the next song. So, when it was over she walked up like such a big girl... Daddy helped whispering in her ear. Apparently, he said "In the name of Jesus Christ" (for her to repeat... because she knows how to end the prayers, she does it all the time) and she skipped it and yelled, "AMEN." And she sat down with a proud smile on her face. So cute, I wish I could have video taped it :)


This one is fun, from Disneyland 2 weeks ago- lesson learned on my part. Kacey is way too young for a big lollipop like that... ugh, it was a sticky mess afterwards. The next day we were in another Disney shop, Matthew goes, "you wanna get them another lollipop?" I'm like "are you crazy, they made a sticky/nasty mess!!!" I got some chuckles from the other moms nearby. I've become that mother I guess, but I did not have the energy.