Monday, May 16, 2011

Kylie's Trip

I am still in shock I let this happen... it's all still a blur, it happened so fast.  So, we move into our new house and my mom starts telling me how she's going to visit Oma.  Wouldn't it be so fun if I let Kylie go with!  Oma would love it, yada yada yada... am I entertaining this idea?  If so, she needs to buy flights RIGHT now... flights are a good price, I need to decide RIGHT now.  Lots of pressure.  Lots going on.  Fine, was the best answer I could come up with.  Then I get the, "well, if you change your mind, you owe me $700."  Reimbursement apparently for the flights/hotel.  Haha, so changing my mind came with some serious consequences.

I was devastated that Kylie went so easily without me.  Where is the love?  I prepped my mom for a week in hair doing and how to do this and what we do with that... although she knew it all anyway.  I guess in a remote way it made me feel better.  They were only gone for 4 days.  It was a century to me, I called to talk to her non-stop.  She texted me when she had time.  Although she didn't miss me at all, she said she did... but I could tell, it was only to make me feel good.  I'm grateful for that- I've always said she's my compassionate child!  She did text me to tell me to stop texting her because it was interrupting her games on Yaya's phone.  Thanks babe, love you too!!!

Anyway, here are some pictures from her fun trip! 
They took a little plane from Charlotte, NC to Norfolk, Va
 She got to go in the cockpit... does the pilot not look 12?  Glad I didn't know they had a teenager flying the plane beforehand!
 My mom's first attempt at Kylie's hair, this is day 1.  I was not pleased. LOL!  She blamed the humidity.  This is Jules, my cousin Sarah's baby!!!  Kylie and Jules bonded!
 Kylie now wants a pug... thanks Aunt Sarah. :)
 Aunt Sarah taught Kylie how to play Uno!  Kylie is amazing at it.  Now, I play her and I can't win... even when I try!!!
 Yaya sent me this from her cell phone... them at a buffet, Kylie only eating dessert.  Why you ask????  Because on a trip with Yaya, she only has to eat dessert... not real food.

 LOVE this one, Kylie in the morning.  She is NOT a morning person!!!  The airlines lost their luggage.  So Aunt Sarah came to the rescue with a pug night shirt--- their luggage arrived at the hotel at 3 am that night.

Pool time at 10:00 at night in the hotel!
 They went to the beach there, Kylie loved it!  We (Yaya and I) packed grundgey clothes for this occasion... what is Kylie wearing???  Umm, yes... her Gymboree clothes.  As I got this text, and questioned Yaya... what was her proud response being 2,000 miles away... "yeah, whatever, her mother's not here... Yaya's in charge and Kylie can do whatever she wants..."

 They spent a day at Busch Gardens!  Kylie is on my Uncle Bob's shoulders.  She apparently had him wrapped around her little finger from day 1.  Life revolved around her for 4 days straight... nice being the 7 year old princess in control of 5 adults!
 Standing in lines to ride all the fun rides!

 Front row!
 Them on a rollercoaster, I don't know which one Brad... I'm sure you will tell me. LOL

Flight home, thank the heavens... I missed her terribly!  Although, we did need a little attitude adjusting when she came home.  She lived a little too high on the hog being Yaya's one and only for 4 days straight.  I've been getting lots of attitude lately :)  We are working through it!
All in all, it was a great trip and fun bonding time for Kylie and Yaya.  A great time for Kylie to meet some family for the first time.  She was spoiled, that's for sure... I asked her before she left me if maybe I should go too... she said, "yeah mom... next time you can come."  Oh the love... LOL