Friday, October 2, 2009

Thankful Thursday

... on Friday, but whatever.
I LOVE going into my girls' bedrooms at like 9:30 at night, they're all fast asleep. It's amazing, I look at each one and think: "where has the time gone?!" And "how on earth did you get sooo big!"
I was looking at Kylie last night while she slept, my goodness, I blinked and she went from Kadyn's size to this huge nearly 6 year old. She'll be taller than me by 5th grade. I just know it! And Kacey, wow. She looks the way I think Kylie should be- size wise, age wise. I feel like I'm 3 years behind and life should be 3 years earlier... no way everyone's this old and this big. And somewhere in my mind, I'm still shocked that I have a 3rd (baby girl nonetheless, how blessed am I?). I think I should still be pregnant with Kadyn, but nope... a year has passed since I had her!!! WOW, reality check Nicole :)
But I love going into each of their bedrooms and watching them sleep peacefully. They're sweet little cheeks and mouth, so precious. I'm always astounded though at how big they may be, but how Kylie and Kacey still look like they were when they were little babies as they sleep. That I'll never understand. And every night, I vow tomorrow to be more patient with each one and be a better mom, to be less worried about what doesn't matter... because before I know it, they'll be in college. And let's face it, that's gonna be a bad day. Survived the first day of school, but the hits keep coming.... and college seems far away, but after these 5.5 years I know it's right around the corner.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Sunday Afternoon Pictures

Sunday was our Primary Program, so my parents came to watch Kylie. It was really wonderful. I'm always amazed how the leaders can oraganize and plan so well to get so many kids all in unison and have it work out so nicely. I wrote out Kylie's part for her, and we'd practiced it a couple times. She did so great, how she can remember "modern day revelation" and "eternal destiny" I'll never know... then she stumbles over "of." She did such a good job, we were so proud of her!

*Matthew had stake meetings ALL morning :( so he never made it home for any of our pictures. Catch him next week!