Saturday, July 5, 2008

Baby I Know... (with back up)

Okay, here is a video Kacey and Kylie singing our version of Maybe I Know, aka Baby I Know...

An explanation first... they are in jammies, Kacey's jammies are makeshift versions of snuggies that we cut off the feet and arms to and put on her backwards....(my husband is so smart, he thought of this when Kylie used to take off her jammies and diaper. The idea was to get the zipper to the back so they couldn't undo it and start removing diapers! I am so lucky to have such an inventive hubby! He wants to patent it and sell it to some children's clothing line!) Now Kacey wears them also so she can't get her clothes off while in her crib and take her diaper off and be "free" if you get my drift... getting all sorts of "stuff" everywhere on her and in her crib in a matter of seconds (been there, done that, TOO many times, so we (he) came up with a solution)


And here are just some pics from this morning before we left on our errands...

Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th!

Happy 4th Everyone!

Our 4th of July was really fun! The morning began with Kylie's swimming lessons, which was nice because Matthew was home from work so he could go too and see Kylie with Miss Shannon. Then we had a bbq with my folks, Matthew's bbq's are always amazingly delicious (he burns the hot dogs nice and good just the way I like, and my dad usually gains 5 pounds in 1 day from all the cheeseburgers he eats)...

(Kylie's festive toes)

Then I went shopping for a few hours with my mom- childless and husbandless! Super fun, no little munchkins asking for lollipops or gum and hurrying my shopping trip along. Long story short, I learned something today: you don't need to have a matching outfit if you find a pair of gorgeous shoes, the outfit will come... always always get the shoes anyways... and I did. Also another lesson: if you can't decide which color, get both... one is a chocolate crocodile and the other is silver metallic- both high heeled peep toe (if you can't tell.)
Then when I got home, Matthew had the girls suited up and we played out back in our little pool for 2 hours- can't wait for the real one to be done. My babies are all nice and tan... and of course, we did F*I*R*E*W*O*R*K*S! Here are some pictures of the fun:

Matthew had a glorious time, as always, putting on his fire show for us as we sit many, many feet away... He bought fireworks yesterday, needless to say he went over the "spending limit" I gave him, but he enjoyed himself.

Some of the show, until my camera battery died... figures, before he gets to the big stuff at the end.

A little too much for the little one. She didn't like the loud ones and would lean into me covering her eyes as I covered her ears.

At the end of everything Kylie goes, "Let's do it again!" I asked her what she meant, and she pointed to the big mess of fireworks in the street and said, "Make them all go one more time." Sorry babe, doesn't work like that...

She also just came excitedly running downstairs and said that she can see more fireworks in the sky from her bedroom window, she's never going to go to sleep!!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Busy Week

Goodness... there has been a lot going on, I can't keep up.


Bright and early, 7 am, these pool people don't waste a minute of "cooler" daylight. We spent the entire day listening to the sound of drilling concrete, digging concrete and dirt, Kacey crying, and Maggie barking.
Matthew got a quick shot before they started.... fence.

No fence.

Backyard view- we're actually extending that wall forward about 10 feet- it's nice when Matthew's Treasurer on the HOA board.
And now after....

Monday was also Kylie's first swimming lesson with Miss Shannon. Kylie loves the water, but is afraid to put her head under (even with an adult holding her promising to bring her back up). I swear it has to do with how Matthew has traumatized her, I mean played with her :) so she has trust issues. I've seen another little boy Shannon's working with, after 3 weeks he could swim like 5 feet under water all on his own... so I know Kylie's frightened but hopefully she'll get the hang of things.

Oh, and Monday evening Matthew started up class again... fun times. It was a nice little break off, I'm not sure who was more bummed that he started back up -him or me.


Kylie had her creative class, she made an awesome wreath for the 4th of July. It was by far the best one out of the class, I so owe it all to Tate and Preschool. Kacey and I had our Mommy & Me gymnastics. Next week is our last class, I don't think we're going to sign up again. The highlight for Kacey is getting water during our breaks :) And the plumbing people were here for the pool Tuesday, again being loud... how you can be loud when installing pipes I have no idea! And again, Matthew gone in the evening for a 2 hour (wow!) HOA board meeting. OH!!! And Kacey went tinkle on the potty, all on her own... she was right about to get in the tub, and down she sat and the little potty was filled up! I was shocked, no one even encouraged her or asked her or anything! I keep saying that I'm going to potty train her, but I feel so bad that I might be doing it out of convinence for me and not necessarily if she's ready and wants to. I keep thinking, "if I wasn't pregnant, would I train her now?" Then I feel guilty and I just don't start... but maybe she's ready (?)


Matthew's in Fresno (and Reno next week and San Fran the week after that... I can barely keep up). We had one of our air conditioning units moved to make room for the pool, he was here at 8 am. Nothing like a door bell ringing, dog barking, and baby crying to start the morning off right. But even more fun.... I got to drink the yummy (not) orange pregnancy drink today at the dr's office, and they took my blood. I think an inspector came today also, I saw his truck parked outside... this pool stuff moves really fast! Then, Kylie had her creative class and then swim lessons again with Miss Shannon.

Tomorrow continues with Kylie creative class and then soccer. I'm so glad I've got her involved with things, otherwise we'd go nuts at home listening to the work being done outside. And of course, I'll have to go and buy a big thing of fireworks... many of you may not know, but my husband is quite the pyromaniac. I'm sure we'll have pictures to post from the 4th!!!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Baby I Know...

Sunday morning, usual picture to document my cute girls. One thing I think is so funny... Matthew gets the clue what "color scheme" we are doing for church as I lay out the clothes the night before, and he always matches us. You might think I force him (maybe encourage is a better word) to coordinate, it's all I can do to coordinate my own outfit with the girls, but he always finds a tie to fit in too. Love it! Good job dear!Okay, this is the funniest thing in the world. We have to give this one to my mom, Yaya. See, normal people sing "Twinkle, Twinkle" or "Rock-a-by-baby..." or other lullabies to soothe children. Not my mom. For years, she's been singing the girls Leslie Gore songs. (Leslie Gore refresher- sings "It's my party and I'll cry if I Want to" and "Judy's turn to cry" etc...etc..) Matthew and I swear when Yaya babysits the girls, they sing the whole time. The funny thing is Kacey even knows some of the words.
Here is Kylie singing "Maybe I Know".... however, she sings it "Baby I Know" and it's way too difficult to fight with her and tell her it's wrong, because in her mind she's right and that's all to it. So in our house, it's baby instead of maybe.