Friday, October 12, 2007

Flashback Friday

Halloween 2004: The Flintstones and the Rubbles We went to a huge Halloween party when we lived up in Herriman, Utah with The Williams. We miss you guys so much!
This night, Matthew won "cutest costume" and he was so proud of himself. I was too, but that was because I made his and my costumes... actually hats off to Julie (Betty) she totally coached me through it.
Matthew would also like everyone to know that we strapped pillows around his waist under the costume, he really wasn't this fat. :)

Bamm-Bamm and Pebbles.

This is Jaxon, how cute is he! He was just the hit of the party that night... so sticking cute!

Kylie was so sick, as you can see around her eyes and nose. Her nose was running constantly, she was doped up on meds. It was rough, her first real cold. Here she's 6 months old... see look my babies are bald! It was all I could do too get that little white thing in her hair like Pebbles.

You just know they're thinking, "HUH?"

Monday, October 8, 2007

Something I learned about myself today...

First off, Kylie got to pick out of the treasure box today at Preschool... because she earned 5 pennies for being good. She was so excited, she came running out the door with candy in hand, just so proud of herself!

Okay, something I learned about myself today... is if you play Christmas music while I'm shopping, I'm going to spend at least twice as much! I was at Kohls today (while Kylie was in Preschool). And the little girl's section is right by the cards and Christmas music was playing and the trees were up and decorated... and everyone knows I LOVE CHRISTMAS (the music starts in my house as of Nov 1st, and my trees are up shortly thereafter)... so yup... I bought the girls color coordinating outfits and just had a blast singing along with the Christmas classics, as I kept adding more and more into my cart.

~~~dear, that's your heads up that the Kohl's bill is through the roof this month... loves! :)