Friday, March 19, 2010

Birthday Girl!

Kylie turned 6!
She was super excited, she's such a big girl now!!!
We began the day by meeting her at school and bringing her and all her kinder-friends doughnuts!  They sang to her and she was delighted!
Kylie and her teacher Ms. Messerli- who by the way, I absolutely adore.  She's positively amazing... I'm trying to convince her to go up to first grade next year... then switch back down to Kindergarten to get Kacey. 
Next, we headed over to Cici's.
Notice my cake, umm I mean HER cake.  I was pleased with myself! :) 
They had her stand on the chair while the whole restuarant sang Happy Birthday to her...

Then... later that afternoon we went to SKYZONE.
It's a huge place with dozens and dozens of trampolines, even trampolines on the side of the walls so you can literally BOUNCE everywhere!  The girls were so tired out, their little cheeks were bright red!  Sweat was pouring off of them after an hour- even Matthew was laying down a few times just trying to catch his breath.  I felt like it was a job well-done! 
Our evening ended with a middle-of-now-where Las Vegas McDonalds dinner stop.  (A 50 piece nugget was 9.99... score!  Although I'd like to say we had a lot leftover, we totally didn't!)  Again, more playing... this time on a PlayLand we'd never been to before which was fabulous to the girls.... then rushing home to beat a storm brewing.  They were so ready for bedtime at the end of the day (although all I wanted to do was sanitize them down- lightening or not, they were getting in the tub!)  I think Kylie had a great day, it was definitely a day out of the ordinary... doing crazy fun stuff!  And she got a boatload of presents... and a brand new bedroom.  More to come on that, later :)