Saturday, August 4, 2007

Happy 30th Birthday to Daddy

We celebrated Matthew's 30th Birthday... he's getting old! :) He opened his birthday presents, and we had a nice lunch at Chili's. (fyi: with his birthday money, he's going to buy a new fancy ipod) Then movie date night for us while Yaya (my mom) babysat the girls! We saw the Bourne Ultimatium, which was really good. I never saw the first two, but enjoyed it still the same.... it was just great to leave the house childless for a while!!! Kylie was insistent that we all wear the Tinkerbell party hats from her birthday. Matthew wanted to be sure I clarfied that they weren't his first choice ;) And when we were done, we put them back in the cabinet, we'll probably use them again for Kacey's one year birthday next month.
Singing happy birthday to Daddy.

Kylie and I made the cake... if she had her way, she would have licked up all the sprinkles.
Make A Wish!

We let Kacey have at a piece of cake.

I can't believe she blinked! I just loved this picture too much not to post it.

Here's the princess... how tired does she look?! She was up last night from 1:15 am to 5 am, and I have no clue why. She didn't even nap the day before... consequently, she was a little terror in nursery this morning.