Thursday, August 14, 2008

New Bedding

I love how just buying new sheets and a comforter can change and brighten up a bedroom... so the girls both got new bedding! I bought it yesterday and washed everything, Matthew put it all on her bed and KYLIE WAS IN HEAVEN! I mean it's super cute, I love it, but she LOVES it, which makes it all that much better. I feel so good when little things like that make her SO unbelievably happy!!!

Kylie's is a soft purple princess type theme with hearts, and 2 matching decorative pillows of course (can't forget those!) she loves that little princess pillow!!!

I got Kacey a new set too, she's still in the crib and we're not forcing her out for the new baby- fortunately we do have 2 cribs- even after the climbing out of the crib incident and cast... we're still holding onto our sanity with her in the crib. But I did buy her a set for her big girl's bed that she'll get whenever she's ready for it. Although I have the comforter folded in the corner of her crib because it's so sticking cute! It's soft pink with various flowers and ladybugs, and she adores her pillows also as you can see!

After each picture I took, she kept saying, "One more time." And sticking up her index finger. "One more time. One more time." Silly girl, I guess I say that alot when I take their picture.

(i love those curls!!!)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I Hate...

the way they make little girl's shorts... has anyone noticed this? They are so small and so short! I've been going through my girls' clothes, passing down things from Kylie to Kacey's closet and from Kacey to Kadyn's closet (yes, our new name broadcasted!)... and of course there's been some back-to-school shopping we need to make room for (even though Kylie's the only one who goes and it's only Preschool, all 3 girls are getting new matching outfits in a big UPS package arriving today). BUT I know it's bad when the 2T's barely fit my Kacey who's just pushing the 5th percentile as a 23 month old. That really bothers me, it's like setting these little girls up for confidence issues and tighter/smaller clothing as teenagers.

Seriously, have any of you noticed this or am I just a raging pregnant woman? Well, I have found a solution. I've been buying boy shorts/even jeans and khakis for the girls, they're longer, roomier, and lots of times come with cute cargo pockets on the sides! AND you can actually see the shorts on their legs, they don't just cover the upper part of the thigh and disappear when the child sits, they actually go down the thigh a bit... and funny, the boys clothes fit true to size. I just wanna smack those big wig kid designer people!


Not to be a huge complainer, I'll end this on a nice note... but I have to share the cutest thing Kacey did this morning. Matthew was getting ready for work and she goes into our closet... she puts on one of my high heels and starts walking around, "I'm a Princess, I'm a Princess!"
Look at her pose, she is too much!!! :)