Wednesday, August 20, 2008

7 Days of Pretty

7 Days and 7 Pretty Pictures

Kylie's stomach bug is much better, and the polka dots are now all over like the dr said would happen... still looks very similar to a heat rash. Tomorrow she's supposed to start soccer again, I don't think we're going to go... disney postponed + no soccer= no fun in our house. Luckily some of Matthew's family is coming into town this weekend, that's what I'm clinging to keeping her upbeat.

So here are the past 7 days...

The girls with my folks...

This was at the Venetian the other day when we went out for lunch for an early celebration for my Momma's birthday. She looks FaBuLoUs!!! She (and I) decided to go on diets/making healthier choices last September (although I got pregnant and bailed on her, she kept going strong). In 11 months, she's lost 72 pounds! 72 POUNDS! How amazing is that!!??!! And she lost it w/o surgery or diet pills... the old fashioned way of eating healthy. I am so proud of her, she hasn't been this weight since before she had me. It's so inspiring and it shows how with persistence and dedication, anything is possible... she went from a size 22 to a size 10 or 12, depending on the namebrand. And losing the weight even made it possible for her to get off of her high blood pressure meds... so awesome! She's undoubtedly added years onto her life with her new healthier lifestyle, and she's just happier in general (buying a cute new, smaller-sized wardrobe will do that to you!) GO MOM!


Last night, Matthew gave me a well-needed Mommy night out. He's been coming face to face with the wrath of a hot pregnant woman, and I think he's been scared for his life :) About 5:30 pm I headed out for some SHOPPING. It's Kohls clearance time, and last week I did major shopping for the girls and Saturday we did major shopping for Matthew... but there wasn't really time for me. Time is limited with the munchkins. THAT and I had a 30% off, and it expired today. Whenever I get the 30%, we always buy Matthew a new suit. This time he got a gorgeous Chaps grey pinstripe suit.
So, last night was all for me, all normal clothes- nothing maternity. I picked up my mom, who's a super fun shopping partner because well, all the above information... something about losing lots and lots of weight makes you love going shopping for clothes. We were gone for 3+ hours. No "Mommy, I want something in your pocketbook... Kacey's touching me... Mommy, I want something else!" Just peaceful, "me" time... shopping and loving it! I came home with two huge bags stuffed to the brim. Matthew peeked inside, and I told him there was nothing for him all me. I got crazy good deals, so much for so cheap, then another 30% off. (I refuse to spend a lot of $$$ on one item of clothing, because in an instant with my girls, it can be ruined) I got 2 dozen tops, 6 bermuda shorts, 2 pairs of shoes, 2 dresses, 2 necklaces, 1 pair of earrings, and a nice pair of navy slacks... the picture doesn't do the mound justice.

Thank you to my awesome husband who lets me buy whatever I want :) and never hounds me about how much I spent or if I really need it... etc etc...

***(you're really very good to me)***

Monday, August 18, 2008

disneyland ???

So Matthew's surprise birthday present/Daddy & daughter Disneyland trip was tomorrow and Wednesday (was- keyword).
Surprisingly, me and my inability to leave my children- or have my children leave me- is not the reason.
Kylie woke up this morning with "polka dots." I made a dr appt for this afternoon, and glad I did because I found my morning cleaning up throw up (how many times I've been thrown up on in THIS pregnancy alone, ugh... I know, gross, but I do feel that I deserve a special comfy chair in heaven or something!!! I admit I sacrficed myself so to "steer Kylie clear" of the new bedding, if you get my drift). The dr said it's probably a viral infection and a stomach bug combo. Just what you want when going on rollercoasters. Needless to say, he gave me a dr's excuse -no lie- to get out of my hotel reservation without penalty.

Disney is rescheduled for this same time next week... I'm not sure who's more bummed, Kylie or Matthew. Although Matthew's keeping his spirits up thinking next week more kids will have started school. Kylie's another story, because she feels better and the polka dots don't bother her at all (it even just looks like a little heat rash) so reasoning that she's sick and we have to wait until she's better, just isn't cutting it. I'm totally lying to her- "Mickey Mouse isn't at Disneyland tomorrow- he called and he's got a cold, you and Daddy will go next week so you're sure to see him."
Anyone got any good excuses, please pass it along my way. She's so bummed.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Look at those EYES!

Well, so my girls got my skin... BUT they certainly have their Daddy's blue eyes! I didn't even know about these pictures, I guess they were playing "photo shoot." I just found them while I was trying to upload the Sunday pictures to the computer.


Now for the Sunday morning pictures... the girls have a thing for pocketbooks (I guess people here call them purses, I always called them pocketbooks... either way, big fetish in our house)

Yes 4 weeks left and counting... get this girl out of me!