Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday Afternoon Pictures

 Well, this one is from Saturday.  But I have to show it!
2 hours in the pool on Saturday leads to....
A bunch of tan little babies on Sunday!
 I know I'm partial... but when did Kylie grow up and get so gorgeous!?!?
 Kacey, I know you're probably thinking... aww, what a cute little smile.  I'm thinking, what is she up to?!?
 Kadyn~ notice the shoes are on the wrong feet.  Yes, she went to church that way.  Two words... she's 2.  Oh, and it wasn't worth the battle. :)
 Kloey is getting so big, she can pull herself up now!
Many countdowns in our house.  The last day of school countdown (12).  The first day of Matthew's new position countdown (9) (there was all but WW3 in determining his start date, summary of that: old position not wanting to let him go w/o a fight, new position saying too bad and get over it!) 
I can't believe the summer is nearly here.  I'm ready to not have the rush of morning routine to get everyone where they need to be... although I'm aware next year will be brutal and this summer break is only the calm before the storm.  I can't believe I have to register the girls in their new school and I can't believe I will have 2 in school- although Kacey will only be half day.  Still, it's mind boggling.  Ready for the summer to begin!