Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thankful Thursday

1. I won't do too much detail, most of you know... I found the best deal for sliced spiral ham... I was so excited. My garage freezer has about 20 9 pounders in there. ($.59 a pound!!!). I love me a good deal! So if I'm bringing dinner over to your house, chances are good it's gonna be ham!

2. Don't you just love it when someone helps you, without even asking if you need help or want it, they just do it! Don't you love it more when it's your child??!! I hate hate hate unloading the dishwasher. I don't know why, maybe because my mom never used the dishwasher so we never did it, so doing it now is just torture for me. But Kacey always helps. Never asks, she'll just hear me from her toy room and waltz over and start stacking the similar items on the counter... all the tupperware together, all her and her sisters plates and cups, all the big plates. I'll usually try to rescue the glass stuff first, but it's so sweet.

3. The smile Kadyn makes in the morning when I go get her. LOVE that little sparkly face! Like she's unsure if we're all still here, or maybe she hears us and is just thinking "I wonder if someone is going to ever come over to me." Her face could light up a room.

4. I was looking at Matthew's student program summary, I had no idea how close he was to being done! I guess we've always just thought that in the sometime distant future he'd be done with college and steadily he's working towards his degree... no way, we even have a date: Nov 16, 2009. I had no idea he was that close to being done, that was such an awesome surprise!!! (For those of you who don't know he went back to school after Kacey was born because the first time he went, he was confused in that his priority should have been his CLASSES and getting college credits not playing basketball)

5. I saw someone I hadn't seen in a while yesterday- she was in our other ward. She gave me such a wonderful comment. It made me feel so good :) I'll be relishing in it all week.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday Afternoon Pictures

I had to grab my camera this morning while Kylie was in our bathroom getting ready. I heard her say, "Mom, I always color in the lines." So I looked up and lo and behold this is what I found.

Other children refer to coloring books, not my kid... she means her nails! :)

My favorite was when I told her to get her tights, I always help her get them on because she'd just yank them up with no tact whatsoever... and they'll rip. So I always help her do it. Well, her tights were on the floor so I told her to bring them over... she used her toes to grab them and walk, obviously because her nails are wet.

I just loved this one, Kacey's holding her lunchbag (treats for quiet sacrament time). Once I put goodies in the bag, she walks around with it all morning long... and heaven help anyone who tries to take it from her!!!

And finally, the family picture...

(Kylie blinked, Kacey kept running to see the picture after the beep, however that meant the picture was about to take so all our pictures are of her running toward the camera... so this was really the best we could do!)