Friday, November 30, 2007

Flashback Friday

It's been a while since I did a Flashback Friday. Since it's actually raining here today, I thought I'd look back in our files for some snowy pictures. This is our Utah house, 11/01/04.
Snow, what's that?!?!?Christmas 2004, Kylie was 9 months old.******************************************************
Okay, so Matthew's job can be pretty cool. I never know what he's going to call and tell me. He's called to say he's in Nicholas Cage's house (Carrot Top's house, who's not as skinny in person he said), he's golfed with John Elway (ex-Bronco's QB), met a Laker Coach and he gave Matthew his phone numbers (including home phone, Matthew was thrilled because he has hidden dreams of being a Scout) he knows the bass player (I think) from Fuel... he's met some people on Big Brother... etc.etc.etc just really random stuff.... here were just a few pictures from his "excursions."

This guy means nothing to me, which shows my love for sports. I think his name is Ron Jarowski (and I'm sure I butchered the spelling)... I think he's an ex-Eagles QB and now a sports commentator for Monday Night Football. Not sure, but Matthew thought it was pretty awesome.
Yeah... so Matthew calls me to say that he's just hanging out with Jon Bon Jovi. So I'm like, "you cut out, it sounded like you said Jon Bon Jovi." Yup...
(I cropped this picture a bit... Matthew didn't feel the need to be IN a photo with him, so he took a picture of someone who works for him and Jon)

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Personal Progress Night

We made dinner for some families in our ward. We had a really great evening.
Thanks Sister Meeks! This is everyone at their stations, working on salad, rolls, yummy cookies or the lasagnas.
My girls were in heaven with all the YW in our house.
Shannon and Emily are starting an ONION eating contest... silly girls! They were hating it afterwards :)