Thursday, April 10, 2008

Quick Trip Back to Disney

We took a little trip to Disneyland during Grandma and Grandpa's visit, we had a really fun time! The weather was really nice, and the girls slept so good each night from all the fun during the day!

Both girls got their faces painted, Kacey screamed the entire time. We have it on video, sitting on Matthew's lap with her head being held in pure torture... poor baby.

Kacey was so excited to see Pluto, we let her down and she ran right to him, "Puuutttoooo!"

On our 2nd day there, they were dedicated a horse from the carousel to Julie Andrews... so we got to see her for a bit. My mother in law was so excited, I thought she was going to break out into song... "The Hills Are Alive...."

This one cracks me up, it was first thing in the morning... I guess Kacey's a bit tired.

For lunch we had corn dogs, I had no idea how huge they'd be!

****The Highlight (or Lowlight- depending on how you look at it) of the Trip****

We're driving home, the 4 hour trip took 6 hours because there was terrible traffic leaving LA. FINALLY, we were just a few miles from home, getting off 15 at Craig, it's dark outside... and Matthew runs a yellow light (which must have been on the red side) because we see sirens and a cop pulled us over. I quickly encouraged him to say his wife's pregnant and we're just a few miles from home and I have to go to the bathroom. Which totally happened like 4 times on this trip, so he said it... and the cop said that he had 3 kids also, and he let us go!!! :) Grandpa said to Matthew, "Didn't your heart drop when you saw those lights?" My quick witted husband said, "No my heart dropped when my wife told me to lie." :) Hehe, but it worked and it honestly wasn't even a lie, I can tinkle at any given time. Matthew still stands firm that the light was yellow while he was in the intersection, so the ticket (if he had gotten one) would not have been fairly justified. But he didn't get it, so all is well. The funny thing is I really got the idea from my mom. When I was Kylie's age, her and I were driving down to my grandmother's house and she got pulled over. She said that I had to go to the bathroom so she was rushing to the next rest stop... it worked then too. I must have the perfect face for a scapegoat.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

It's finished!

So, this is not the one I put on here a few weeks ago. The company told me it would ship b/w the Mar 24-27. By Apr 2nd, I had been calling every day and they were giving me the run around. And I'm hotheaded by nature, being Italian I guess, so I was super annoyed. They finally told me that it was on back order and would take another 10 days to get to the warehouse, THEN it would be shipped. See I was all excited about the "free shipping," you get what you paid for. SO I cancelled the whole thing. Then, they had the nerve to call me back 20 minutes after I cancelled to say they had one left and could ship it the next day.... hmm, you should have done that a long time ago, sorry. That evening Matthew went to Home Depot and bought this, which I actually like better and it was cheaper! :) As Kacey would say, HOT DOG! We were very thankful Grandma and Grandpa were here to help. Grandma to help entertain the girls as they desparately wanted to be a part of the building process, and Grandpa who was a very important part of the building process. It was going to be a daunting task, didn't really have the full day to devote to it, with conference and stopping to go out to our favorite Pizza Parlor (sorry Uncle Bryan, we thought of you!)

I thought we needed a baby swing for Kacey, but she's been doing really good!

The best part was before they started, Matthew goes: "It'll be tough, but 3 hours and we should be done"... His dad, "Yeah right, Matt!" This picture is where they were after the 3 hour mark. Add another 6 hours to that 3 hours, and then it was done. They were working well into the dark last night. Grandpa wouldn't let Matthew stop until it was all finished! (thank goodness)