Tuesday, February 10, 2009


So as a stay-at-home mom of 3 girls (none of which are in school yet), laundry that multiplies by the minute, seemingly endless ironing piles to do, meals that won't fix themselves, stacks of preschool homework with an anxious child holding a scissor, closets forever needing to be organized- ditto for the drawers, younger child running around asking for a scissor (after she's just finished coloring my wall) and never ending vacuuming and bathroom cleaning... obviously, (like all you other Moms out there) I find endless amounts of free-relaxing time during the day- NOT!!!

However to avoid the above dreary list, I've gotten a recent new priority: HEADBANDS!

My sweet little Kacey, she's got the most beautiful blond curls. I don't have to do anything to them, a little spritz of my very own concoction of fancy schmancy water and conditioner :) and I define her curls with my fingers... However, she doesn't have a whole lot of hair on the top or in the front of her head. Perfect solution: adorable headbands.

I've been accumulating my ribbon supply, buying headbands at the dollar store, matching cute color combos with button centers, and now has come the time to assemble. I guess my fingers just don't work with the small things like that, it's a good thing I'm not a surgeon. (I always thought I would've made a GREAT lawyer!- as I never apologize because I'm never wrong and I can talk my point until I'm blue in the face... I digress)

Maybe I don't have the patience to assemble, and maybe my mom just knows she'll do a better job..... SO my fabulously, wonderfully talented Mom did my slave labor and put all these together. I'm so excited, they are gorgeous... and we're (she's) still not done, I've got more ribbon and a few more headbeads to go. I love them, they came out super cute!!! I think I'm going to buy little suction hooks (you know, the kind that hang on shower tile) and put them on the huge mirror in the girls' bathroom, and hang the headbands on there.


The outtakes of my precious -silly- middle child!
Can you tell she's trying to watch Goofy on the TV behind me?! But she's still smiling!

"Kacey look at me, EYES OPEN!" (Goofy apparently is still more interesting than me at this point)

Yeah, only took us 20 tries!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Lullaby and Goodnight

Once the big girls are settled into bed, Kadyn gets her one-on-one time. It makes me feel like I'm giving everyone enough attention in one given day... so nighttime is her time. And it works out good because the later she gets to bed, the longer she'll sleep through the night (mind you her bedtime is never later than 9:30 pm, but that's late in our house.... my how times have changed!!)

So here's little love bug in her crib ready for bed, bath hair and all! (I keep that blanket under her so when/if she spits up, I don't have to change the whole crib). I couldn't resist grabbing my camera tonight. She's been fussier than normal today, not sure if it's teething or just a runny nose/cold. But her smile's adorable. She's such a sweet little thing. I put on her music and she's got a little projection that does moons and stars on her ceiling, she loves it!!! Puts her right to sleep. And she always, always sleeps with those hands straight above her head. All night long, so funny!!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday Afternoon Pictures

I'm noticing in the pictures I have, Kadyn's almost always looking at Kylie. It's so funny, Kadyn's really in awe with her. I think when she sees Kacey it's more of a "Oh no please don't hurt me, Mommy you're close by, right?" Because Kacey's still at that age where she doesn't know she can't poke her in the eye. (when all she was doing was looking at her eyelashes- type of thing). But Kadyn knows that Kylie is great at meeting whatever need Kadyn has, and Kylie's always very happy to do so!
Anyway, Sunday afternoon pictures...
Kylie took this one, I love it... Kadyn's actually looking at the camera and smiling!
I think this is her first picture doing that!!!

This next one is funny. We've just gotten the girls into Mary Poppins, the girls really like it as you can see. They wanted to start the movie after lunch today- just before church, Matthew snuck up on them to get a picture.