Monday, February 9, 2009

Lullaby and Goodnight

Once the big girls are settled into bed, Kadyn gets her one-on-one time. It makes me feel like I'm giving everyone enough attention in one given day... so nighttime is her time. And it works out good because the later she gets to bed, the longer she'll sleep through the night (mind you her bedtime is never later than 9:30 pm, but that's late in our house.... my how times have changed!!)

So here's little love bug in her crib ready for bed, bath hair and all! (I keep that blanket under her so when/if she spits up, I don't have to change the whole crib). I couldn't resist grabbing my camera tonight. She's been fussier than normal today, not sure if it's teething or just a runny nose/cold. But her smile's adorable. She's such a sweet little thing. I put on her music and she's got a little projection that does moons and stars on her ceiling, she loves it!!! Puts her right to sleep. And she always, always sleeps with those hands straight above her head. All night long, so funny!!!


thepainterfamily said...

she's so cute! I love her hands above her head and her big bright eyes!

the moon/stars projection sounds awesome! (I think my husband might want one!) :)

Sheri said...

SHe gets cuter and cuter! All your kids have such pretty eyes.

Nicole said...

She is such a sweet little girl.

Mikki said...

Can I just say again how gorgeous she is? SHe's got to be the prettiest baby in the whole world.
I love the sound of the projection thingy too. I bet all my kids would love it!

Missy said...

She is just a beauty! I had to laugh because we lay a blanket down under Cole too. I hate changing their sheets everyday!
He moves like crazy now though and the blankie isn't working as well!

The Foulgers said...

What a cutie! I'm glad that you get some fun one on one time with her at night. I'm sure she loves it too!