Friday, November 2, 2007

A House Full of Boyds

Matthew's family is visiting so we spend the day at Circus Circus' AdventureDome. Kylie had the best time riding all the rides! She's gonna sleep good tonight (yeah!!!). Kylie's a Daddy's girl for sure!
We actually bought the video of this ride. There's a small camera on each train taping the whole ride experience! She was smiling, screaming, and loving every minute of it.
This was Kylie's favorite ride, the Frog Hopper. She went on this thing about 8 times, in a row (and it was after lunch). I don't know how she did it.
Kylie loves Uncle Aaron (who's still single... we're taking applications, must be approved by the sister-in-laws first!)

Bumper cars was a big hit!Kacey was so good, just watching everything and enjoying the scenary.
Kylie loves her Uncle Bryan too. Although, she was a little scared of the Sponge Bob.

Pucker Up Uncle Bryan! Here's a big Kacey kiss.

The girls with Grandpa, or how Kylie says it, "Grammmpa."

This was on Halloween. Kylie got to wear her Minnie Mouse costume to Preschool, then REFUSED to take it off the rest of the day!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Houston, We Have A Problem

My parents bought Kylie a Halloween balloon, and after playing with it all afternoon she somehow managed to get the weight off the bottom of the string.... and up up up and away. It's in the corner of my foyer. Kylie keeps saying, "Daddy will get it, Daddy will get a ladder." - Daddy's in Reno on business. I'm hoping it eventually falls. This is her attempting to jump and get it. Then she tried lifting her sister to reach it. ************************************************
This was from the other night... they're on As you can see, Kylie's holding back Kacey's hands so Kacey doesn't mess up the game.
This is called, everyone is cranky and ready for bed but it's still too early to put them to bed so what can we do to keep everyone happy...(otherwise if we put them to bed, they'd be up at 4 o'clock in the morning). This is our attempt of minimizing the crankiness, and maximizing my sleep for an optimal amount of sanity. (see the Economics is still somewhere in the back of my brain, i haven't lost it!)