Friday, November 2, 2007

A House Full of Boyds

Matthew's family is visiting so we spend the day at Circus Circus' AdventureDome. Kylie had the best time riding all the rides! She's gonna sleep good tonight (yeah!!!). Kylie's a Daddy's girl for sure!
We actually bought the video of this ride. There's a small camera on each train taping the whole ride experience! She was smiling, screaming, and loving every minute of it.
This was Kylie's favorite ride, the Frog Hopper. She went on this thing about 8 times, in a row (and it was after lunch). I don't know how she did it.
Kylie loves Uncle Aaron (who's still single... we're taking applications, must be approved by the sister-in-laws first!)

Bumper cars was a big hit!Kacey was so good, just watching everything and enjoying the scenary.
Kylie loves her Uncle Bryan too. Although, she was a little scared of the Sponge Bob.

Pucker Up Uncle Bryan! Here's a big Kacey kiss.

The girls with Grandpa, or how Kylie says it, "Grammmpa."

This was on Halloween. Kylie got to wear her Minnie Mouse costume to Preschool, then REFUSED to take it off the rest of the day!


dadTB said...

Great photos, Nicole!

Hey Matt, I wonder where she got the love for high adventure, risk taking, and that "fear no ride" attitude? Huh, Matt?

Run, Aaron... This is Nicole's second announcement that you are a single man. You may soon find yourself "unavailable" if she has her way... Run, Aaron, Run Fast! :-)

Where's Judy's pic? ... hee, hee, hee! (I just couldn't resist)

I bet that Denny and Judy were in 7th Heaven. Seeing my "Big Brother" sitting with his two granddaughters was great.

Ahhh... maybe someday, but I doubt it will be soon.

Aunt and Uncle Tom

Kata said...

Isn't it great to have visitors! We love them so much too- especially family! Cute pictures!

Missy said...

The adventure dome looks fun. We've never taken the kids. We may have to check it out.

Christopher Boyd said...

Hey Matt, Nicole and girls

Family looks great!! Hopefully Ill get to meet the girls soon =) Take care guys.

Cousin Chris

My emails addys are

Amy said...

If I had a Minnie Mouse costume, I wouldn't want to take it off either! That is so fun that everyone came to visit. I love the Boyds!