Thursday, January 1, 2009

Thankful Thursday

1. I'm thankful Kacey's feeling better. We had one really, really, really bad sleepless night. Her temperature was nearly 105, and she was burning up. Matthew gave her a blessing -thankful for those too- and we're better now thank goodness.

2. I'm thankful for random sporadic moments of creativity that actually turn out to be really fun. Example: us being "culturally diverse" (girls eating with chopsticks... thank you Kung Fu Panda)

3. I'm thankful that Matthew got to make a fun trip out of his Rose Bowl ticket. He was able to work out of the LA office Wed, spend the night in a nice hotel and eat out (thank you ADT) so he doesn't just have to drive down on the 1st. He so owes me big... I'm gonna milk it too! :)

4. I'm thankful that we're not going to 9 am church, 1 pm is definitely the better choice of the two (especially when I get 4 females ready while Matthew's gone for meetings... I need all the time I can get!).

5. Every New Years Eve, after we put the girls to bed, I sit on the computer and make a photo book of all the great pictures we took during the year (usually more than 1 as we have more kids and take a bizzillion pictures). Last night's was INSANE. It took me 4 hours to pick the pictures and upload them- 627 photos (to be exact) made the cut. I'm SOOOO glad it's over and done with. I mean I'll cherish it in years to come, which is why I didn't procrastinate it. But we take too many pictures!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sunday Morning Pictures

Hmm, seems we're missing a few people. Kacey's not been feeling too well. Every 4-6 weeks, she develops some sort of cold: runny nose, watery eyes, a cough, fever. Boggles our minds as to why, but we've come to expect it now. It still makes me nervous, I check her temperature all night. She'll get up to 104... freaks me out. With Tylenol she comes down, but still... My poor child, the one who nursed significantly longer than her sisters, who should have the strongest immunity, totally doesn't. Poor thing. So her and I (and Kadyn) stayed home, watched a movie, ate some popcorn, and cuddled. (she gets mushy when she's sick and just wants to be held) However, I heard that there were only 2 kids today in the middle nursery, so maybe there's something going around.
Ugh, it's the last Sunday of 11 am church- that's the best time and I hate to switch... Next week we'll be titling these posts Sunday Afternoon Pictures.