Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sunday Morning Pictures

Hmm, seems we're missing a few people. Kacey's not been feeling too well. Every 4-6 weeks, she develops some sort of cold: runny nose, watery eyes, a cough, fever. Boggles our minds as to why, but we've come to expect it now. It still makes me nervous, I check her temperature all night. She'll get up to 104... freaks me out. With Tylenol she comes down, but still... My poor child, the one who nursed significantly longer than her sisters, who should have the strongest immunity, totally doesn't. Poor thing. So her and I (and Kadyn) stayed home, watched a movie, ate some popcorn, and cuddled. (she gets mushy when she's sick and just wants to be held) However, I heard that there were only 2 kids today in the middle nursery, so maybe there's something going around.
Ugh, it's the last Sunday of 11 am church- that's the best time and I hate to switch... Next week we'll be titling these posts Sunday Afternoon Pictures.


Anonymous said...

My ward is going to 9am next week! What are we going to do? We'll all show up crude and disheveled!

Mikki said...

oh, I hope she's feeling better soon. That stinks.
I am actually kind of happy about the 1:00 schedule. Right now, churhc has been falling during the boys' naptime, so I figure next year, they can get their nap and then go to church, and hopefully be easier to handle.
Of course, with my luck, next year they'll probably start taking their nap later in the day. :o)

The Foulgers said...

We are actually going to the 11:00 time in our ward. I guess we got out just in the nick of time! Enjoy the late time!:)

Trying to Stay Calm! said...

Great post! Come see the pictures I just posted on my blog :) Happy New Year 2009! ♥ Hugs :) Shauna