Friday, February 20, 2009


***Warning picture overload! :) So many pictures, so hard to choose. It makes up for my blogging absence for the last little bit. And we just realized there's a fingerprint on the lens of our camera so some pictures came out smudgy... small little finger, wonder who that could be???

The Playhouse Disney Show, my girls loved it! We never miss an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!

Us dancing it up. Don't be too jealous, I've got years of dancing experience under my belt. :)

I really think Kadyn looks at all of us like we're all crazy :)
Kacey loves Goofy, but even more so (if at all possible) she loves Goofy's son Max. (Yeah, I know... he has a son, no wife, but a son). Anyway, we've never seen him, but randomly out of the blue, for the first time, we saw him at CA Adventure. I've never seen Matthew run so fast as to stop Max as I herded the girls over.

Kylie was chosen to go on stage as an "apprentice" for one of the shows, Matthew all but threw her 50 feet in the air for the guy to pick her out of the crowd. Afterwards, she got a signed sketch of Mickey Mouse to take home... really cool!

Too bad this picture was taken BEFORE the purchase of the Cars hat (for Matthew)- sense sarcasm... that my goofball of a husband actually wore the rest of the day around the park.

Goofy's Kitchen, definitely Kacey's highlight. She LOVES Goofy!

Grandpa and Goofy, a big kid at heart!

Kacey's ready to eat, can you tell?! :)

You know Kadyn's thinking, "Am I supposed to be in here?"

Just found this one, Kylie took it of herself.
That's her attempt at a wink.

Love that smile!

Kacey scared at something, I don't remember what.

So, every 20 minutes or so they do a little show in the center of Goofy's kitchen where all the kids get to go and play and have fun to the music. So we were ready and waiting. Kylie went running, ready to be front and center.

Kacey followed after her big sister, then realized she was scared and began running back... but Minnie came around the corner just at the right time, held her hand and played just with her! Kacey was in heaven.

Hugs goodbye, Kacey even gave Minnie a kiss. As they walked away from eachother, I saw Minnie stroke Kacey's head of curls. I thought it was sweet, as I do it all the time.

Sunday Afternoon Pictures

Had to get a close up of Kylie's shoes. The night before, I was organizing the girls' shoes and rotating who could fit into what (this was after a MAJOR shoe shopping extravaganza so I felt like I needed to donate some old ones)... Anyway, amidst the organizing Kylie found these in her closet and loved them... needless to say, she insisted on wearing them the next day. She's got a shoe obsession. Not sure where that came from. Luckily they kinda matched their Sunday outfits.

Hilarious, Happy V-Day to the girls from Papa. They opened the heart shaped box of candy and totally dug in within seconds!